Android phone not receiving calls: How to fix

Troubleshoot issue of making a call or can’t receive call on android device. There are several causes for android phone not receiving calls such as no signal in android device or phone doesn’t ring or consistent busy signal. This can’t receive incoming calls on android phone problem is seen most of all carrier including Verizon, Vodafone, LTE, AT&T and other network carriers.

Other issue of not making calls is phone icon is missing, SIM card not recognized, can’t answer ringing call, poor signal and other reasons. We already know solution of poor sound quality on calls in android phone. In this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide to fix android phone not receiving calls.

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How to fix android phone not receiving calls or can’t make call

fix android phone not receiving calls

Try below given possible solutions to solve not receiving incoming calls on android nougat 7.0 and marshmallow device.

1st Way: Check network signal

Network problem in android

Check signal strength in your device status bar, make sure your device network signal is full. If not then move to another place where you can receive a signal and getting call from someone.

2nd Way: Turn on airplane mode

If you have trouble low signal in your network, turn on airplane mode in your android device. After few seconds again turn off it and check network signal in your android device.

3rd Way: Check for app updates & software update

Android App update:

update app of carrier service in android

Play Store > Menu > my apps & games > Update all

Android Software update:

Settings > about phone > System updates

4th Way: Check Wi-Fi calling not set for receiving incoming calls


If you have set to make calls over Wi-Fi in your android device, you can not receiving incoming calls. Change Wi-Fi calling settings as below given.

SIP calling settings in android

Phone app > More > Settings > calling accounts > SIP settings > Use SIP calling > Only for SIP calls

5th Way: Manually set Network to fix Android phone not receiving calls

Network operator settings in nougat 7.0

Settings > More > Cellular networks > Network operators > search networks > choose your carrier

Also try to remove your SIM card and after few seconds restart your device & reinsert SIM card again.

6th Way: Use safe mode to check any app cause the problem

Step 1: Press & hold the power button on your device

Tap Power off button to enable safe mode in 7.0 nougat

Step 2: Touch & hold the “Power off

You can see this message: Reboot to safe mode

Tap OK to Reboot safe mode android

Step 3: Touch “OK

Now activate safe mode in your android device. You can see this “Safe mode” symbol in a bottom of screen. Check your device working well in safe mode, if not then remove third party apps from your device and fix android phone not receiving calls issue. If none of the above given methods worked then try below given solution.

7th Way: Reset android device

It will reset all your device downloaded apps, accounts, picture, music and other important data. Before reset your phone, back up your android phone data.

Reset android phone to fix android phone not receiving call issue

Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything

All possible solutions are given above from our side to fix android phone not receiving calls. If you have known other trick to solve can’t make call android device, please share with us. Don’t forget to mention which method worked for you to fix android phone call issue?

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