messenger app not working android phone: How to fix

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There are various messenger apps daily people use in routine life such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messages, Hangouts WeChat and more. Annoying of any messenger app not working android phone and tablet devices? Before few days, unfortunately facebook messenger has stopped working on my device. Sometimes facebook app crash or work slowly in phone.

You can also see other messaging problems in your device such as problems sending or receiving messages, can’t send or receive pictures or videos, notifications not seen, red! on text message and more. But in this tutorial, I will show you the step by step guide to fix messenger app not working android phone or tablet.

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WhatsApp / Facebook messenger app not working android phone or tablet

Try below given troubleshooting steps to fix facebook messenger app not working on android phone

Step 1: Uninstall any recent app updates

Check in your phone recently update app or not, if recently updates app then follow below given settings to uninstall updates on android phone

Settings > Apps > messenger > uninstall updates

WhatsApp app permission on android phone

Step 2: Check messenger app permission have not disabled, if disable then enable app permission using below settings

Step 3: Force stop the messenger app

Force stop android app in phone

Settings > Apps > Tap any app want to force stop > Force stop

After force stop app, it close the app and also stop all background services of this particular app.

Step 4: Clear the app’s cache on android Nougat 7.0

messenger app not working android

Settings > Device section > Storage > Internal shared storage > Apps > Tap any app > Clear cache

It remove all unnecessary files from your phone and free up space on device.

Step 5: If above given steps not fix app not working problem then reset your android device.

Reset Moto G4 plus (Android 7.0 Nougat).

Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone

That’s it.

I hope above given steps to fix messenger app not working android phone is helpful. If you have any kind of trouble, let us know on below comment box. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends on social network!

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