How to Enable Developer Options in OnePlus 6

How to enable developer options in OnePlus 6

Here’s how to enable/disable developer mode on OnePlus 6 devices. By default hidden developer mode in your OnePlus devices. You can enable developer options in OnePlus 6 devices under system settings. In OnePlus 6 developer mode settings, you can see OEM unlocking, running services, Night mode, quick settings developer tiles, …

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How to Manage App Permissions on OnePlus 5T

Do you want to enable app permissions on your OnePlus 5T/5/3T? Here’s how to change or manage app permissions on OnePlus 5T using apps settings. By default enable/disable app permission in your OnePlus 5T device. Different android device has slightly different settings to auto-start app permissions. You can individually manage …

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How to Enable Screen Pinning in OnePlus 5T

By default disabled screen pinning on OnePlus 5T and other devices. You can use the current screen only on your device when turned on the screen pinning OnePlus 5/5T devices. Screen pinning is helpful to lock your OnePlus 5T device to use any single application. Here’s how to enable screen …

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How to Use Gaming Do not Disturb Mode on OnePlus 5T

Use gaming Do not disturb mode on OnePlus 5T

Here’s how to enable and use Gaming Do not disturb mode on OnePlus 5T device. You can block notification on OnePlus 5T with this Gaming Do not disturb mode settings. You can add apps for Gaming Do not disturb on OnePlus 5T/OnePlus 5 devices. It will automatically turn on for …

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