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Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Last Updated on January 30, 2024 by Bestusefultips

Ditch the protection plan with these unbreakable cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

This article will show the top 7 best Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus cases 2024. S24 Plus features new Corning Gorilla Glass Armor for its main screen and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for its back panel; both of these glasses are very scratch-resistant and should be able to manage on their own, but Samsung has also announced that they will provide software and security updates for up to 7 years for S24 series. So, you should protect your phone for longer, and to make the task of choosing the perfect protective cover for your Samsung S24 Plus with a card holder or belt clip on the market, we have curated a list of your best Galaxy S24 Plus cases. You can see several S24 Plus cases in different colours like black, blue, purple, dark green, light pink, red, clear, etc.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S24+ Cases in 2024

Spider Case

Spider Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Remarks: Moderate protection with tons of colour options to choose from

It has a 2-in-1 combination construction: outer hard polycarbonate and inner soft rubber material for enhanced protection. It has a soft-to-touch texture and a comfortable grip to prevent slipping. It also has relatively high 1.5mm raised edges around the camera & screen to avoid scratches. 

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Speck Presidio Lux Gold Glitter Clear Case for Samsung S24 Plus

Speck Presidio Lux Gold Glitter Clear Case for Samsung S24 Plus

Remarks: Simple but tough case chic sparkle

This clear case features gold glitter to meet shiny expectations. It features anti-yellowing material and an inner rubber layer that absorbs shock, providing 13 feet protection for your phone.

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Pitaka MagEZ Case

Pitaka MagEZ Case for Samsung S24 Plus

Remarks: For people who want skin fit

This case is just 0.04” thick. Made from finely woven 6000d aramid fibre, it provides surprisingly good protection and a comfortable slip-free grip. It features an open button cut for resistanceless clicking and a raised ring around the camera for extra protection. With a built-in metal strip, this case is also MagSafe compatible.

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TORRAS Magnetic Case with Stand (Ostand) for S24+

TORRAS Magnetic Case with Stand for S24 Plus

Remarks: Case with Oring, which doubles as a stand

This case features a flat magnetic ring that can be used as a stand and ring holder. It is MagSafe and provides 12ft drop protection thanks to a durable PC back and soft TPU-90A edges with X-shock 4.0 four-corner airbags.

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Spigen S24 Plus Case

Spigen S24 Plus Case

Remarks: Grippy with Spigen’s remarkable protection

With a grooved back panel with a triangular design and diagonal lines on the sides, this case will stay in your hands. This case has a sleek look, making it appropriate for all occasions. This case can tank all shocks with Spigen’s Air cushion technology and flexible and shock-absorbing TPU.

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Caseology Parallax Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Case

Caseology Parallax Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Case

Remarks: A classy quality case with good padding

3D hexacube design on the panel and sidelines for grips together creates pleasant aesthetics, high-quality material, and soft colour. Parallax is a 48” dropped test and offers military protection.

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Crave Dual Guard

Crave Dual Guard Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Remarks: Shockproof case with 8 colour options

Grippy design with dual-layer construction of outer PC shell and inner TPU layer. This case also offers wireless charging compatibility, PoweShare compatibility, clicky side keys, and raised edges around the camera and screen.

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And that’s all. Which Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus case did you like? Tell us in the comments below. 

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