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How to use Guest mode android Nougat 7.0

In Moto G4 plus (Android 7.0 Nougat) device has great features including split screen mode, Guest mode, Doze mode, battery saver mode, private mode and more. Do you have any idea about how to use Guest mode android phone or tablet device? This Android 7.0 Guest mode will help you when giving your device to other friends or family member to use. Just switch your device to Guest mode.

When enable guest mode in android phone or tablet device, all of your device data not accessible for that guest user. It looks like a new device. It’s easy to add or remove Guest mode in android device. Follow below given step by step guide to see how to use Guest mode android Nougat 7.0 & 7.1 such as Moto G4 plus, Galaxy S7, Nexus 6P / 6 and more.

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How to use Guest mode Android Nougat 7.0: Moto G4 plus

First of all follow below given step to enable Guest mode in android device.

Step 1: Swipe down top of the screen to open notification bar

Tap guest icon from top side

Step 2: Tap “User” icon in top side

use Guest mode android

Step 3: Tap “Add guest

Now your android phone is switch to Guest mode. All download apps, contacts, messages, internal storage and other data of your phone is inaccessible for Guest user. It is simple to use Guest mode android smartphone.

In guest mode, you can also add screen lock using your fingerprint, on-body detection, personalize wallpaper and set up new email in your pone.

Remove or disable Android 7.0 Guest mode

Step 1: Swipe down top of the screen of notification bar

Step 2: Tap “Guest” icon

Step 3: Tap “Remove guest” to delete Guest account

You can see message: Remove Guest?

How to remove guest mode in android 7.0 nougat

Step 4: Tap “Remove

All apps and data in this Guest user will be deleted. Now your android device is switch out of Guest mode.

Using your phone settings, you can also add user in your nougat device using below settings.

Add user as Guest mode in moto G4 plus

Settings > Device > Users > Add user > Tap “OK” > Set up user now? > Set up now

Also add users when device is locked and enable phone calls and text messages will be shared with this user in your device.

Remove user from android 7.0 guest mode (Moto G4 plus)

How to remove user in android Nougat 7.0

Settings > Device > Users > Settings gear icon of New user > Remove user > Delete

That’s all about Guest mode in android phone or tablet device.

I hope above given complete guide to use Guest mode android nougat 7.0, marshmallow and lollipop device is helpful to you. If you find above steps helpful, don’t forget to share with your friends on social network.

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