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Google Assistant My Day feature: How to use

Recently update my moto G4 plus to android nougat 7.0. This updates has great feature including multi-window mode, Doze mode, battery saver, Google Assistant, System UI tuner and more. But in this tutorial, I will show you how to use Google Assistant My Day feature in your Google pixel & Pixel XL, Moto G4 plus, Moto G5 plus,  Nexus 6P/6, Galaxy S7 and other nougat devices.

This Assistant My Day feature includes settings of weather, home & work location, meeting, reminders and news related information. Follow below given step by step guide to know how to use Google Assistant My Day feature in android nougat 7.0 & 7.1 devices.

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How to use Google Assistant My Day feature in android nougat 7.0 & 7.1, marshmallow

After updated your device to nougat, first of all enable Google Assistant in your nougat 7.0 device.

Google app > Menu > Settings > Google Assistant > Settings > Enable / disable Google Assistant

After enable Google assistant in your device, follow below given steps.

Step 1: Tap & hold the home screen button to launch the Google Assistant

Google Assistant settings nougat 7.0 phones

Step 2: Tap more & touch “Settings

You can see the Google Assistant settings.

My Day in Google Assistant settings

Step 3: Tap “My Day” under adjust settings for all your Google Assistant devices

You can view below My Day settings in your nougat device.

Google Assistant My Day feature


Set Weather temperature as Fahrenheit in My Day

Here you can set weather temperature units as Fahrenheit / Celsius. By default set weather temperature as Fahrenheit.

 Work commute:

Home and work location in Assistant My Day feature

In this Google Assistant My Day feature, you can add home and work locations to ask your assistant about your work related information.

Next meeting:

If you set meeting date, time and places then Google Assistant remember you when date is coming.


Set reminders for birthday, anniversary and other important things.

After set all above things, launch the assistant and said “tell me about my day” and Google Assistant will tell you about the weather, home & work location & address, next meeting and reminders you set.

customize news in Google Assistant settings

This Google Assistant My Day setting, you can also customize news related data at the ends with the My Day summery. Also set nothing additional at the My Day summary ends.

Google Assistant feature also useful to control your home device, add shopping list, use screen context, change Assistant language, block offensive words, add personal info such as add nickname Google Assistant call you (Record your own voice also), address and preferences.

How to add nickname in Google Assistant:

How to add nickname in Google Assistant

Google app > Menu > Settings > Google Assistant > Settings > Personal info > Nickname > Pencil icon > Enter name the Assistant call you > OK

That’s all. Above you can see all details of Google Assistant My Day feature. If you find above details helpful, please share with your friends on social network.

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