How to turn off repeat notifications Samsung Note 10 Plus

Irritated by constant notification reminders on galaxy Note 10 plus? Here’s how to turn off repeat notifications Samsung Note 10 plus One UI. When enable notification reminder on Note 10 plus, your device will alert you via a sound or vibrate when you have unread notification. You can get periodic reminders about notifications from selected apps and services.

You’ll select Samsung Note 10 plus reminders for messages & missed calls, or select apps from list. Also enable vibrate when sound plays to remind notifications. Choose time to remind every time when forgot to check notifications. Clear notifications to stop the reminders on Note 10 plus. Let see steps to turn off repeat notifications Samsung Note 10 plus and Note 10.

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How to turn off repeat notifications Samsung Note 10 Plus One UI  

How to turn off repeat notifications Samsung Note 10 Plus

You can find notification reminder under accessibility settings. Also set up repeat notifications for important apps to send notification until you read your text or messages.

Enable repeat notifications on Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Step 1: Swipe down notification panel from top of the screen and tap Settings gear icon

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Accessibility

Step 3: Tap on Notification reminder

Step 4: Tap the toggle to turn notification reminders on or off you want

Step 5: Tap Remind every

By default set Note 10 notification reminder as 15 minute. Set interval to remind you of any unread notifications.

Step 6: Choose reminder time interval you want to set

Enable notification reminder for apps on Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus

Set apps notification reminder that alert about unread messages in your Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 plus. Just turn on app toggle using below given settings in your device.

Settings > Accessibility > Notification reminders > Select reminders > Selected apps or turn on individually app toggle

You can also turn on the repeat text message alert and missed call reminders in your Samsung Note 10+ and Note 10 One UI.

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Turn on flash notification on Galaxy Note 10 plus and Note 10

Step 1: Go to Settings app

Step 2: Tap on Accessibility

Step 3: Tap on Hearing under categories section

Step 4: Tap Flash notification

Turned off camera light and screen in your Samsung galaxy devices.

Step 5: Turn on camera light toggle to flash camera light when receive notification

This message show on the screen: Turn on Flash notification?

Step 6: Touch Turn on

Also turn on screen toggle to flash the screen or alarm sound. When your devices receive notifications, you can see flash camera light or screen on your Note 10+ phone.

And that’s it. Do you still have any question regarding turn off repeat notifications Samsung Note 10 Plus? If you have any query, tell us in below comment box. Don’t forget to share with others if you found this article useful.

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