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How to set reminder on Amazon Echo

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The widely used Amazon Echo which is facilitated with the Alexa app, having a most of the features which are useful for the life experiences and making your life very simple and smart. This being the reason behind its popularity in all over the World, Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo dot which are powered by Alexa app have a facility to set reminders, here are the steps for the how to set reminder on Amazon Echo.

Alexa app is the best app for all the tasks which are required for smart devices, you can set reminder on Amazon Echo by the setting by the Alexa app as well as the voice commands. Both the ways are pretty smart, you can put reminders by any method. Both are the effective and simple with easiness. The things required for the purpose are only a smart-phone and Alexa app, the steps for how to set reminder on Amazon Echo are as below.

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How to set reminder on Amazon Echo devices

How to set reminder on Amazon Echo

The first method for the reminder on Amazon Echo is by voice commands. You can simply put a reminder by give a voice command for reminders. For example you can give a command like

“ Alexa, remind me for a walking at 8 a.m.”

“Alexa, wake me up at 6 a.m.”

When the reminder goes off the Echo will makes a noise and light will be up and tell you about your activity like walking as our example, you can stop reminder only by saying an “Alexa, stop”. You can put a multiple reminder by Amazon Echo, but the limitations is that you can cancel that from only Alexa app on your smart phones , which was more convenient than voice command for how to set reminder on Amazon Echo by Amazon Echo.

How to set reminder on Amazon Echo by Alexa app

First of all open the Alexa app and tap on the top left menu button in tour Alexa app

Now select alert and alarms, now select the add reminder then go to remind me to and type the subject for reminder and tap on the done. Than tap the downward arrow of date and select the date and tap done after it tap on downward arrow of time and select time ,  the both date and time are now selected hit done.

Last is the selection of device, if you have the more Echo devices than select your appropriate Echo device such as office Echo dot etc. Then select save, your procedure for set reminders is done now. You have also the facility for editing of reminder in the edit reminder.

So, that show the setting of reminder is very quick and easy task for you by your voice as well as by Alexa app, we hope our tips for how to set reminder on Amazon Echo is useful for everyone.

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