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How to play podcast with Alexa on Amazon Echo

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The online show as well as online series gaining popularity day by day, in general podcast is the highly acclaimed by the audience worldwide. So, when you purchase smart devices like Amazon echo speakers you have to know that the podcast playing with Alexa is a best experience ever for online shows watching. Best devices like Amazon echo are the fully supportive with that after you know briefly how to play podcast with Alexa on Amazon echo.

While you can stream any podcast with Amazon’s Alexa voice for devices like Amazon echo, podcast playing with Alexa is rather limited. Without using manually or Bluetooth through spotify, you can only watch the most recent episodes of given podcast. But some third party skill brings much more functionality to podcast with Alexa and that is called Anypod. Here the way for how to play podcast with Alexa on Amazon echo.

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How to play podcast with Alexa on Amazon Echo

How to play podcast with Alexa on Amazon Echo

For enabling Anypod go to the Alexa app on android or iOS after that click the hamburger bar which is located at top left, and after left menu is expanded and choose skills , after it search for Anypod and click enable.

Now you can play any podcast after saying “Alexa, ask Anypod to play “any name”. With Anypod you can Subscribe to a podcast as well as unsubscribe from a podcast and you can also make a list of your subscriptions and by saying Alexa, ask Anypod “ what are my subscriptions” and you can play subscriptions by only saying voice commands. You can rewind or forward your podcasts by voice commands and play a specific episode. The most useful feature is you can clear the history of your podcast watching. So that’s how you can use Amazon echo for playing podcast by Alexa.

In the recent updates you can now add podcasts to your Alexa routines, simply you can give a single command and you can control pretty much every aspect of your smart home and the podcasts are play automatically.

Every podcast and every episode are not available in podcasts. And the serials or S-town the features are different slightly. In s-town and series the oldest episodes are play automatically in place of recent.

So, you can now simply enjoy podcast by only voice commands by the guide provided us for how to play podcast with Alexa on Amazon echo.

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