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How to control Sonos with Alexa

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Now you can control your Sonos speaker with Alexa, this offers supreme control and convenience over your music, by that you can enjoy more of your music and your tunes a lot easier. But for that you have to control your Sonos speaker with Alexa offers perfect control.  Sonos is not as good in controll with its clunky app, but the completeness of Alexa skill and voice commands gives total transformation to your Sonos, but for that you should know how to control Sonos with Alexa.

Amazon Alexa is available in the countries like U.S., Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New-Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, you have an Alexa skill and Alexa app to provide your Sonos a full support. For that you have to know that how to control Sonos with Alexa.

The current music services which are supported with Sonos and Alexa app are: Tunein radio, audible, Amazon music, deezer, Pandora, spotify and other lots of other.

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Steps for How to control Sonos with Alexa

How to control Sonos with Alexa

First of all you need Amazon Alexa app, it is not necessary that you need an Amazon echo or any other speaker which is Alexa enabled, you just need an app.

First of all sign in to your Alexa app and after that switch to your Sonos controller append follow these steps for how to control the Sonos by Alexa.

Tap the More tab after that tap voice services and after that tap Amazon Alexa.

Now tap view Alexa setup and touch to add to Sonos.

You will be automatically prompted to connect your Amazon account, after connected you have all access to any music services that you subscribe to in the Alexa app. This all app are also using with only Sonos but if you want to use it by Alexa app than you have to connect it with Alexa app. And you have to verify music services by tap verify music services on Alexa.

You give all the commands which are music related by the controlling the Sonos by Alexa such as music playback commands and pause on or off etc., by speaking only “Alexa, (your command)” .

So that’s how to control Sonos by Alexa, combination of Alexa app and Sonos takes your music experience to another level. We hope these steps are useful for you.

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