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How to factory reset Amazon Echo

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Amazon’s echo devices are very simple in use as well as they provides you an all the facilities which all are required for a smart assistant. Using of Amazon echo is very wide and for the vast functions, so all you need is know about all the functions and all the facilities provided by Amazon Echo, factory reset for any multimedia device or for any device is a function which is required at any time so here are the steps for how to factory reset Amazon echo.

Are you facing a problem with your Alexa device, want to upgrade to a new model or want to gift to your loved once and your family member, so it is possible only by reset your device. By that your all the data will be cleared and account does not remain in it and device works like brand new Amazon echo. There are 2 ways to reset an Alexa device one is by the Alexa app, or by the device itself here are the both the methods for how to factory reset an Amazon echo.

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Steps for factory reset your Amazon Echo by device itself reset method

How to factory reset Amazon Echo

First generations devices

1st generations echo devices have a 2 buttons on the top in which the one small hole near the base of device is the reset button, use a paper clip or similar tool and press it until the light ring on your echo device turns orange, then blue for reset you Amazon echo. Wait for when the light ring to turn off and on again, it should orange which shows that it is in setup mode now open the Alexa app and connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account.

Second generation device

Press and hold the microphone off and volume down button together 20 seconds so light ring turns orange and light ring will then briefly turn blue. Wait for the light ring turn off and on again and light turns orange which indicates it is in setup mode. Now open Alexa and connect your device to a wifi network and register to your Amazon account.

Alexa app reset method

Open Alexa app, press menu in upper left corner after select setting then select your device you wish to reset and then go to scroll down and tap on ‘device registered to’ and select de-register. So your echo device has now been reset. For setup press the hold the action button for five second by that light will turn orange now open Alexa and connect your device to a wifi network and register to your Amazon account.

So that’s how you can reset your echo device, hope that you fully understand how to factory reset Amazon echo.

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