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How to use Alexa to control lights and devices

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Alexa is gaining more and more in use and makes the lives of people very simple and easy. It is a hands-free speaker by which you can control your lights and devices with your voice , connects to the Alexa voice service for play music, ask any questions , making calls, gives information, news , sport data, weather and more very instantly. Alexa is very useful to control your lights and devices. But, for that you have to know about how to use Alexa to control lights and devices.

Smart speakers are the superb devices and they are the key that unlocks easy control of the smart home, many of the devices are control by Alexa and the some of the devices are smart bulbs, cameras, thermostats and smart home hubs , we are guide you about how to use Alexa to control lights and devices.

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How to use Alexa to control lights and devices: Guide


How to use Alexa to control lights and devices

Step-1:  Add your device to Alexa app

First of all you have to set up your Alexa enabled devices for example Amazon echo plus you can add a device by only saying “ Alexa discover my devices” and the other way is go to Amazon Alexa app then go to smart home and press the button located at top right which indicates ‘+ ‘. That is how the Alexa is finds the devices and scan the devices which are supported Alexa and that is how the first thing of how to use Alexa to control lights and devices.


For controlling the devices from Alexa Amazon app you can add any devices or devices group which can be controlled simply by voice. It’s also easy to do by manually by head to the Alexa app then smart home and after that press + button into the right top and then add group. Now choose name which will you remember, for example this could be main lights or downstairs lights, tap the devices list and the process how to use Alexa to control lights and devices is done almost.


Special scenes from third party apps of lights are also provided by Alexa app, if you have designed special scenes of lights with Philips hue then Alexa is also detect and import them , during the scan of your network the scenes will also detect added by Alexa app. You have to install the relevant skills. Once registered in the Alexa app, you can after that asks Alexa to control them.


Alexa commands which are use controlling lights and devices are simple = examples

“Alexa, lights on”

“Alexa, lights off”

“Alexa, dim main lights to 50%”

“Alexa, set the light to soft white”

“Alexa, set the temperature to 25”.

So you can manage and control your devices very conveniently by this guide step of how to use Alexa to control your devices and lights.

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