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How to make phone calls with Google Home

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The most useful Google gives an eye-opening thing in the form of virtual assistant cum your best friend Google home is picking up in the international market. Google home makes your life easy by its function of speaker, your daily task manager as well as useful for calling also. So all you need to know is How to make phone calls with Google home.

With the facility of hands-free calling you can call your family, friends, business partners and Anybody U.S., U.K., CANADA (ENGLISH AND FRENCH) EXCLUDING TERRITORIES. First of all you have to make sure that you have a latest version of Google home app whether it is I-phone or android-phone. You can call a US or CANADA numbers from a US or CANADA numbers as well as for UK to UK, but not applicable for emergency numbers.

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Steps for How to make phone calls with Google Home

How to make phone calls with Google Home

You can use Google home to make phone calls to your friends or family member in your set up device using below given step by step process.

Step-1: Set-up for calling

First of all sync your contacts, for calling your Google contacts turn on personal results and after that for saved contacts in your phone or tablet open Google home app and tap account which is at bottom right corner, make sure that the Google account shown is correct if it is not than go to settings > account & privacy > Google activity controls > device information. Turn on device information, if you have a many contacts or new contacts wait for a while this is How to make phone calls with Google home first step.

Step-2: Show your phone number when you make call

Tap on the services and then go to the voice and video calls and then mobile calling under your own number tap edit then add or change number and add your number this is 2nd simple step in How to make phone calls with Google home and show your number to recipient, you can get a code for verifying if not than wait for 30 seconds and tap on resend, and for hiding same process and option is available in your own n umber and edit.

Step-3: Set up voice match

For multiple people makes calls on Google home each one have to setup a voice match for How to make phone calls with Google home.

Step-4: How to make a phone calls with Google home

Just simply say hey Google or ok Google then give a command call grandma , call Mr. ABC or whatever you want call[ contact name , business name , contact number ]. Redial is also available only by saying redial.

Step-5: End a call

This is the last step, tap on the top of Google home in Google home mini tap and hold one of the two sides or say hey Google stop/disconnect/hang up/end call etc.

So these are the simple and easy guide for understanding How to make phone calls with Google home, hope that you can make easily voice calls and connect to your loved one by Google home.

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