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How to setup Google home mini

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The most useful gadgets of all time Google home mini is your perfect assistant for your routine life, Google home mini makes your daily life simple by its function of speaker, your routine task recorder, appointment reminder and schedule maker etc. So all the thing you need to know is how to setup Google Home mini.

Now only by saying “OK Google” you will able to fix reminders, enjoying music and assist your life by Google home mini. Here we can present you a setup steps for Google home mini which is as simple as its application. Kindly take a view after unpacked your Google home mini and stay smart.

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Best steps for How to setup Google Home Mini

How to setup Google home mini


Plug in Google home mini and install Google home app from your mobile app store, make sure your phone or device or tablet and Google home mini is connected same Wi-Fi then select goggle home mini app by tapping on home screen, Tap Add > setup device > setup new devices in your home. So that is the first step of how to setup Google home mini.


Scanning for your devices from Google home app and when you get it tap on it and add it and by that your Google home mini is connected and you can configure it during that you get a prompted notification ‘your phone may disconnect from Wi-Fi during setup, at that time you get a sound from Google home mini that is confirmation sound and you go through a right way when you hear the sound tap yes, tap yes I’m to send anonymous data which helps us improve devices or tap no thanks to opting out in this 2nd step of how to setup Google home mini.


Select and tap your room where you are wanting to set your device up, for custom room add custom room and type in room name and next, for Wi-Fi connection choose Wi-Fi network and tap other Wi-Fi network tap next if you don’t see your Wi-Fi network and after that your Google home mini is ready to use and read the information this is the 3rd step of how to setup Google home mini.


Train your Google home mini to recognize your personal voice and personalize it by that you get your answer and results which can you set, that means other people uses it but they do not get result like you but you get results what you trained and set after the recognizing your voice which is the 4th step of how to setup Google home mini.


Always on your location so, Google home mini needs to set tour location and address. If it is not set by you then enter it manually enter your address > next. It is important for local weather information for Google home mini that is what you need to do in 5th step.


For music and movie services tap+ and follow the account linking steps tap next, if you have greater than one music services linked, you will be asked to select a default music service: tap the service you need to use as default >, video service: tap+ and follow the account linking steps for media steps of how to setup and use Google home mini.

Step-7: Final steps to set up Google home mini

For giving name to your Google home mini, type in a name for your Google home mini, now takes a review of how to set up your Google home, you can choose to setup other functionally. Tap Continue > finish setup.

That’s all, these are the best steps for setup Google home mini cum entertainer.

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