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How to set up Google Home on Android

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The most developing Google gives an eye-opening development in the form of virtual assistant cum your best friend Google home is hiking in the international market. Google home makes your life easy by its function of speaker, your daily task recorder, appointment and schedule manager etc. So all you need to know is how to set up Google Home on android.

You are very lucky that you purchased a brand-new Google home, so now don’t worries it is very simple to Google home set up. Only by speaking “ok Google” you will be able to set reminders, enjoy music, control a Chromecast which is connected to a TV or guide you about your people’s phone-number. Apply below given complete process to set up Google home on android phone.

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Best steps for How to set up Google home on Android devices

How to set up Google Home on android device

Check out below given step by step guide to Google home set up in android phone or tablet devices.

Step-1: Plug in your Google home to power supply

Plug the provided power cord into your base of Google home and adapter an outlet, after a very few minutes, will light up and start looking for your mobile phone. It’s always on when plugged in, for better result keep your phone nearby to it. The first step for how to set up Google home on android is very simple.

Step-2: Download Google home app from app store and open it from your phone

Install Google home app and Make sure that the network connection is perfectly available and Wi-Fi is connected between the Google home and your phone due to information passing to Google home from your phone this is how the second step of Google home set up.

Step-3: Sign in to your Google account

If you have not g-mail account with a than make a new account, it is preferable that don’t allow e-mail notification for perfect result of install Google home app.

Step-4: For setup tap the icon which is in the upper right-hand corner

After the successful installation of Google home mini app and Google home set up previous steps  sign in and set the location of your assistant Google home for information about local weather and commute times which will you get by speaker of your Google home. For full understanding of how to set up Google home on android take a tutorial.

Step-5: Link your music services accounts

Google home set up supports 4 services(Google play music, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube) , free service of music accounts allowed you to listen themed stations or artists mix, so for most benefit you need a premium account of Google play music or Spotify.

Step-6: Set up your custom preferences

Tap the left hand menu button after that more settings which can allow you to use your Google home set up suitable to your life style after taping on “account preferences”, you get special optional features.

Step-7: Change your news and my day settings

Taping news and then customize according to your requirements and set the source of your news from your Google home setup. Taping my day allows you to change a day-briefing detail.

Step-8: Modify or change what Google home calls you

Scroll all the way down in your Google home app and go to “personal info” after that “nick name” and put what you want anything which you like.

Step-9: Enter your accurate commute locations

You want Google home set up to give you a precise commute times?? Choose “home and work locations” which is under the “personal info” and put your perfect address. Then ask “how long is my commute”.

Step-10: Add other home appliances

Google home is supportive with Philips hue light bulbs, Samsung smart things, nest thermostats as well as Chromecasts. Google home set up want a Chromecast compatible TV for TV controlling. Choose the devices icon in chrome cast in the upper right corner of the main screen and link it with the same Google account which was used in install Google home app. Now you are able to control your TV by Google home. Just say “ok Google” and your favorite program.

Step-11: Now your Google home is ready to use control it by voice and touch

Eager about what to ask? see in your Google Home app. tap menu button on the upper left and select “What can you do?” for other suggestions. To change the volume level, make a dialing motion on the top surface of your Google Home, or say, “OK Google, volume” and a number from 1 to 11.

Have fun talking with Google! That is how to set up Google home on android.

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