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How to set reminders on Google home

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The precious and perfect Google gives an all the thing in the form of one and only virtual assistant cum your daily task manager Google home is on high demand in the electronics market. Google home gives your life simple and silly life by its function of speaker, your task manager, calling as well as you facilitate with reminders also. So all you need to know is setting the new feature of how to set reminders on Google home.

Do you like programming your devices for your important reminders? You can easily set reminders on your Google home as per your need on your device, go through this step given below to find out how to set reminders on Google home.

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How to set reminders on Google home

There are two types of alarms time based and location based, time based are alarms or reminders are setting by only saying. Time based reminders are putting by “ hey Google remind me to…..”, for example “hey Google remind me to 7 am for running” this is how to set reminders on Google home and location based reminders type 2 is setting by sating “ hey Google remind me to {action} when I am at {location}”.

Now when you are away from your speaker, then you have to follow process given below for how to set reminders on Google home.


First of all make Wi-Fi on and make sure that your device and mobile is connected with same network and make sure you are logging in the right account before you start, for starting the setup process of reminders setting on Google home.


Use Google assistant-

Now open your app and give verbal commands for setting reminder whatever you want, if you don’t want to talk to your device, then you can also type and give command by typing.

To type command open your app and tap on the blue icon on upper right corner, this is explore tab. Next tap on your stuff and go to add reminder and add new one in reminder.


For further process of how to set reminders on Google home, type your new title for reminder and chose the time and you want to repeat or not that reminder with your Google home, when you are completed check mark icon, it is in the upper right side corner. Taping the check mark icon saves your reminder.


When you want to edit or delete your reminder you have an option for go to it by your app, just simply open your app and go to the stuff and tap on see all, where you can get all your stuff. You can change, edit or delete your reminder from there.

By this feature of set reminders by Google home, you can make your life very convenient by Google home reminders.

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