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How to change Google Home voice

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The one and only Google gives an all the thing thing in the form of virtual assistant cum your daily task manager Google home is hiking up  in the electronics market. Google home gives your life simplicity by its function of speaker, your task manager, calling as well as you can connect it with Bluetooth speaker also. So all you need to know is How to change Google home voice.

Google assistant is a running mostly on your voice, so all you need is know how to change Google home voice. You are allowed to change the sound of your Google Assistant’s sound. This change of your voice setting will apply to all of your Google assistant devices, but this function is only available in US. Here are the steps for how to change Google home voice.

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Complete guide of how to change Google Home Voice

How to change Google Home voice

Step: 1

Make sure that your mobile device, tablet and Google home device is connected with same wifi network for starting the process of voice changing in Google assistant.

Step: 2

Now go to the Google home app and in the home screen of Google home app look at the right corner bottom of home screen, tap on the account for changing the Google home voice.

Step: 3

Now you have to verifying that Google account which is listed is the same as the linked to Google home. To switch your account click the shape triangle this is located at the next to the account name and email address.

Step: 4

Your device is Android device then tap on the settings and it is not Android but iOS device tap on more settings.

Step: 5

Now for changing the Google home voice tap assistant tab and then assistant voice and after that choose a voice. The coloured circles are for preview of available voices. You can get the all the available voices in that and preview, but if you not choose anyone from that tap on the back arrow at the top of your screen for save your preferences.

You have an option of 10 voices, you can pick anyone from that example one of them is British accent and another is Australian intonation voice. So read carefully and choose proper voice according to your requirements.

We hope that you understood the whole process of how to change Google home voice by our guided step, now use your best Google home with more simplicity by best useful tips.

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