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How to Lock Windows 11 Screen

Last Updated on December 10, 2022 by Bestusefultips

There are many ways where you can lock Windows 11 screen. You can also use these techniques to screen lock Windows 10 too. Your privacy is important. Because of this, it’s crucial always to secure a desktop or laptop when not being used. Use one of the methods mentioned below to keep others from checking your PC.

Locking a computer is simpler, almost as private, and doesn’t need you to close any applications, as opposed to signing out. Additionally, you can instantly unlock it and continue where you left off. The many techniques to quickly lock Windows 11 and 10 will be covered in this post.

How to Lock Screen Windows 11

Apply the below-given methods to set Windows 11 lock screen security.

Windows 11 Lock Screen using the Start Menu

You can do Windows screen lock directly from the Start Menu. Yes, this method is very old and is available in almost all Windows versions where users can use the screen lock key to lock Windows 10 and 11.

Step 1: Open the Start  Button and select the user profile.

How to Lock Windows 11 Screen using Start Menu

Step 2: Click on Lock.

If you’re using multiple accounts, you can choose one and login in using the appropriate credentials. As soon as when you select the Lock option, Windows 11 lock screen will close. Click any key on your keyboard or your mouse to restart your login.

How to Lock Windows 11 Screen via Task Manager

A tool that gives you an overview of all the currently running tasks and apps running on your Windows 11 PC is called the Task Manager. It’s well known for being the last option when Windows computers suddenly freeze, but it may also be used to lock a computer.

Step 1: Tap the Start button and open Task manager.

Step 2: Click on More Details.

Step 3: Switch to the User Tab.

Step 4: Select your Account.

How to Lock Windows via Task Manager

Step 5: Click on Disconnect in the right corner of the window.

A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. When you select Disconnect user, your computer will ultimately lock.

How to Lock Computer Keys via Ctrl + Alt + Delete Menu

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Delete. You can open a new Windows menu on your screen and complete a set of uses from there.

When you start the Task Manager, you have a number of options, such as the right to lock your computer and change your password. Therefore, as soon as you click Lock, Windows 11 will automatically lock.

Lock Windows 11 via Command Prompt

The Command prompt allows input from the keyboard and also allows you to lock your Windows 11 system.

Start by typing “command prompt” into the Start menu search box and selecting the Best match option. Next, enter the following command at the Command prompt:

What are the Commands to Lock a Computer?

How to Lock Screen Windows 11 Using Command Promt

Rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Lock Windows 11 PC using Screensaver Settings

Set Windows 11 screensaver to lock screen. This could be a fantastic option if you’ve always kept up with your screensaver settings. In addition to providing various screensaver management options, Windows 11 also allows you to lock your computer. This is how:

Step 1: Open the Windows start menu & type Screen saver.

The menu for the screen saver settings will pop up. Please select your desired screen saver from the drop-down menu by clicking on it. Set the time duration your PC should wait for idleness before running the screen saver in the Wait dialogue box.

Lock Windows 11 PC using Screensaver Settings

Step 2: Once restarted, check the box to Display the login page, then click OK.

Now, the screensaver will start up whenever your computer is inactive for a minute, locking it with it.

Lock Windows 11 PC with Dynamic Lock

When Windows 11 detects a poor Bluetooth signal between your computer and your Bluetooth device, a “dynamic lock” may be activated.

Connecting your Windows with a Bluetooth device makes it easy to know anytime you are away from your PC. This is the basic premise behind Dynamic Lock.

Pair PC with Bluetooth once done, Select start > Settings > Accounts > Sign in option.

Choose Dynamic lock following. Select the check box next to Windows to lock your device when you’re not using it permanently. Take your phone with you now anytime you move your Windows 11 computer. Your Bluetooth signal will slowly decline as you move away from the Windows, enabling the lock feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Shortcut to Lock Computer

Press Ctrl, Alt, and Del simultaneously on the keyboard. Then, choose Lock this computer from the menu that appears on the screen.

How to Lock a Computer Keyboard

Press CTRL + ALT + L to lock your computer Keyword

How to Set Up Screen Lock Windows 10

Settings > Personalization > Lock screen > Screen saver settings

Final Words:

And that generally includes every method for locking your Windows 11 machine. At the risk of being boring, we’ll emphasize that locking your Windows computer if you plan to be away is always a good idea. This is true if you work in a communal space because it increases the risk of illegal entry.

Please share this tutorial with your friends and family if you find it helpful. You can reply in the comment section if you have other methods to lock Windows 11 PC.


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