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Best Windows 11 Apps

Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Bestusefultips

Best Windows 11 Apps: As you know, Windows 11 comes with many unique and interesting features, so there is no need to install any third-party applications. But yes, there are still more apps that you can use to create a seamless Windows 11 user experience.

Whether in terms of security or Windows performance or if you want to customize the Windows 11 layout, there are many apps that you can use to improve your Windows PC/Laptop performance and user experience.

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Best Apps for Windows 11

So in this article, we have mentioned 10 Windows 11 apps to customize your experience. So read the article further to learn more about the exciting apps.

1) Your Phone

Access Your Phone on Windows 11

Do you know you can easily access your mobile device on your Windows 11 PC or laptop? All you need to do indeed is download the Your Phone application directly from the Windows Store. Once your phone is linked, you can access many interesting features with just one click.

Easy to manage notifications; receive SMS messages that are valuable applications for you during your work. With this application, you can call your contacts and receive calls from your Windows 11 PC. If you want to enable this feature, 8 GB of RAM is required on your PC for a better user experience.

2) CCleaner

CCleaner App for Windows 11 PC

You don’t like that your PC works slowly, right? By automatically removing unnecessary files that could eventually cause your PC to slow down, a Windows optimizer tool like CCleaner can keep your computer running faster and with the best experience. With CCleaner, it will automatically delete your junk files along with temporary files. You can choose specific places to wipe up useless data from your PC manually.

It has various tools like a registry cleaner, drive wiper, and program updater. You can subscribe to the Pro edition for features like automated cleaning, browser cleaning, and their brand-new driver updater tool.

3) Franz

Franz Best Windows 11 Apps

If we talk about Franz, it is the best app you must try out on your Windows 11 PC. These days, we must organize all of our communications using a variety of platforms, including Gmail, Instagram, Slack, Asana, etc. Franz makes it simple to view all of these at once in one place.

Franz has the advantage of having good notification management. Get instant and scheduled notifications. As previously mentioned, you can alter Franz’s appearance to reflect your ideal workstation. Even though most of the application is free, you can only add a certain number of accounts. You should buy the premium option to remove this restriction. The paid option is designed for team members who require Franz for their business.

4) ThislsWin11

ThislsWin11 Best Apps for Windows 11

This free Windows 11-specific application enables total customization of Windows 11 from a single interface. It automatically scans your computer and suggests the most popular tweaks you should try to improve your Windows 11 experience. Numerous adjustments will be offered, so be careful to study them all and only implement the ones you need.

In addition to modifying Windows 11 settings, you can quickly remove any unnecessary Windows 11 programs. Instead of searching for apps in the browser, choose which ones to download right away from this page. The most helpful third-party apps that are either totally free or offer a solid free version are included in the Packages section, which is also present.

5) Start11

Start11 Best Windows 11 Apps

Do you know about Windows 7’s old Start Menu? Start11 provides something better: the ability to personalize Windows 11’s Start Menu and Task Bar. The start menu can be changed in various ways to improve productivity.

You can pick from various Start menu layouts in terms of design. Similarly, you can alter the position, color, opacity, grid width, blur, etc., of various features. In other words, you can improve the Start Menu’s appearance.

6) Lively Wallpapers

Lively Wallpapers best Windows 11 Apps

Are you looking for some classic wallpaper for your Windows 11 screen? Lively wallpaper is one of the top Windows 11 apps for setting live wallpaper and personalizing your desktop. Although it is open-source, free, and doesn’t bog down your PC, it nevertheless gives users many customizing possibilities. Want to use live wallpaper on Windows 11 but don’t like how pricey and resource-intensive programs like Wallpaper Engine are? You don’t need to search any further, then. One of the top Windows 11 apps for setting live wallpaper and personalizing your desktop is Lively Wallpaper. Did I also mention that it is built using the most recent WinUI 3 framework? So feel free to give this software a try on your own.

7) VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt Best Windows 11 Apps

VeraCrypt enables you to use a portion of your hard drive’s space to build personalized encrypted discs. The information on the disc is encrypted and resistant to cyberattacks. It can only be unlocked with the password.

These discs can safely store important data, and even viruses cannot access the data without a password. If someone compels you to disclose the password, you can use the hidden disc function to build an artificial disc that you can then reveal.

8) BeWidgets

BeWidgets App for Windows 11

You can design trendy widgets for your Windows desktop using BeWidgets. You have complete control over the appearance and functionality of the desktop widgets. You may add only a few things, such as the time, date, or pictures.

We also appreciated how rapidly a widget might be displayed on the screen. What’s best? There is no cost associated with using this software. This customization app is still available for free use. The creator has also said they plan to add text, RSS, and newsfeed widgets later.

9) 7-Zip

7-Zip Best Windows 11 Apps

While Windows 11 has a native compression and decompression feature, it is essential. Multiple files can be quickly compressed and uncompressed, and data can even be encrypted for security. A third-party compression program like 7-Zip is something you should undoubtedly have if you frequently work with zip files.

With the help of this, you can easily compress big files too. Additionally, you can maintain and update archives because there are numerous alternatives for updating current compressed data. Since this software is a direct enhancement to the native functionality, there isn’t a drawback to having it. It operates directly from the context menu and is light and free.

10) Greenshot

Greenshot App for Windows 11

Well, Windows has many screenshot-taking apps, so you need a unique tool to make screenshots better. Screenshot Tool is an open-source app; no additional cost is required to download the app. You can take screenshots in various ways and have the program automatically save them to a predetermined location.

Additionally, you may copy and paste screenshots wherever you want to or automatically submit them to online photo management websites.

I hope you find the above apps helpful. Please reply in the comment section if you know the best Windows 11 apps we missed in the above-given list. We will also highlight it. Share this article with your friends too.


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