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Best Windows 11 Hidden Features

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Bestusefultips

As officially stated by Microsoft, as you are using Windows 10, you can update to Windows 11 for free. Every month, Microsoft comes with new and unique features with new updates for Windows. In Windows 11, we have seen many impressive features such as Snap Layouts, a new start menu and taskbar, and many more exciting things. Windows 11 Hidden Features is all you need to know more about it.

People who are using Windows 11 might now be aware of the Windows 11 new release and some hidden Features. This article will show some amazing hidden features of Windows 11.

7 Best Windows Hidden Features: Windows 11

Below you will see 7 hidden features of Windows 11 that will make your life more productive, and you can easily make your hands comfortable on Windows 11.

Snap Layouts

This one is not considered a hidden feature because when windows 11 was released, it was made available for the public to use. But we have included those who don’t know about this feature, and some users will find it handy.

You may quickly and simply organize programs and windows on your desktop with Snap Layouts. Please hover your mouse pointer over the maximize icon in the top-right corner of an application or window to use it. This one will display six distinct grid arrangements for you, each with a unique window setup. It is known as one of the fantastic features of Windows 11.

Control and Manage the Volume of Apps

In Windows 11, you will get the volume mixer function in the settings open. After that, click on System and then Sound. This feature will help you change the system sound volume using the same option. It also allows the control and manages the volume of all the individual applications.

Open settings, click on System sound, and then select volume mixer. The volume slider for each app that is open at the time can be found afterward in the Apps area. As per your selection, you can change the volume of every app.

Free Of Junk

“Storage Sense” is also one of the valuable features of Windows 11, and you should use it. . As soon as you turn on Storage Sense, Windows periodically declutters your storage by deleting unnecessary files and emptying the trash. When it notices your device is running out of space, it may choose to do this immediately or frequently.

You may access Storage Sense by going to Settings > Storage. To change its settings after turning it on, click “Configure Storage Sense or run it now.” You can define which directories Storage Sense should clean in addition to the trash data on this page and how frequently it should run.

Faster Windows Updates

The background installation approach in Windows 11 will result in a significantly quicker Windows update process. Microsoft has stated that future Windows upgrades will be 40% smaller, increasing the procedure’s effectiveness.

Voice Typing

This is one of the exciting features of Windows 11 Voice Typing. All your work becomes more accessible with Voice Typing Feature. All your work will go smoothly with the voice typing feature. All app in windows 11 supports voice typing.

  • How to Use the Voice Typing Feature

Click on Windows and H keys to start Voice typing in Windows 11. The text will instantly be written when you press the Mic button and begin speaking. The automatic punctuation feature will detect commas when you talk about any word.

Clock App

A Focus Session option is available in the new Clock app in Windows 11. With the help of this option, users may concentrate on their job, keep track of the time spent on every task, stop working on it after a set amount of time, and more. You can use the function to increase your productivity if you’re more focused on your work.

Clipboard History

Like the Android smartphone, you will also get this option in your Windows 11. With the help of this feature, it will assist you in finding all the text which you have copied previously on your PC and that you require now. 

  • How to Use Clipboard History in Windows 11

Click on the windows key and V to open Clipboard in any app, and you are looking to paste the text you copied. Additionally, from here, you can utilize symbols, GIFs, and emoticons.

If you have any questions regarding the hidden feature of Windows 11, you can reply in the comment section.


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