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YouTube video quality not changing: How to fix

Can’t change YouTube video quality on android phone when update YouTube app. Sometimes after update, you can see YouTube app video quality option not seen or YouTube streaming issue generated on your device. When we watching videos on YouTube app, by default set good quality but sometimes low quality selected. So you must need to change video resolution of YouTube but YouTube video quality not changing.

When internet speeds slow, you can change YouTube video quality from 720p to 480p / 360p / 240p on your android phone or tablet device. Also show the error message of manual YouTube quality selection over cellular network is not supported on your 4G / 3G, LTE / AT&T / Verizone, Samsung galaxy and other device. Follow below given trouble shooting steps to fix YouTube video quality not changing on android phone or tablet device.

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5 different methods to fix YouTube video quality not changing android / can’t change YouTube video resolution

1st Method: Flash Player Error / Outdated flash player

First of all check the flash player use, you need to update or install a latest version of the Adobe flash player on your device.

2nd Method: YouTube videos quality missing issue

Some browser not support high video formats. It means these browsers have one or two video formats support. So update your operating system or browser such as Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, safari, Opera and more.

3rd Method: Uninstall latest YouTube updates to fix YouTube video quality not changing

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: Tap on “Apps” under device section

You can show list of all installed apps on your android phone or tablet device.

Open YouTube app on your android device

Step 3: Scroll down until see “YouTube” and Tap on it

Touch more in YouTube app info

Step 4: Tap “More” from top of the right side corner

Uninstall YouTube app udpate on android phone

Step 5: Tap “Uninstall update

You can see below screen on your device.

YouTube video quality not changing

Step 6: Tap “OK

Now uninstall YouTube app update from your device.

4th Method: Clear the cache and data of YouTube app

Step 1: Follow above given steps 1 to 3

Tap on Storage in YouTube app

Step 2: Tap on “Storage

Clear the cache data of YouTube app on android

Step 3: Touch “Clear cache

After clear cache YouTube app, if not solve YouTube quality problem then clear the data.

5th Method: Force stop

Step 1: Follow step 1 to 3 of method 1

Step 2: Tap “Battery

Force stop YouTube app in android phone

Step 3: Tap “Force stop

Always use latest updated YouTube app on your android phone or tablet device. That’s all.

I hope above given possible solution fix YouTube video quality not changing after update app. If you have known other easy trick to solve can’t change YouTube video quality problem, please share with us. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends on social network.

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