How to Change YouTube Video Quality on Android

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Here’s how to change the video quality on YouTube on Android phones or tablets. You can easily change the default video quality on YouTube when playing video on your Android or iPhone devices. Choose YouTube video quality from Auto (480p)/144p/240p/360p/480p/720p/1080p. Also, change the download Youtube video quality from Low (144p)/Medium (360p)/HD (720p). Sometimes users facing the issue of low-quality video with such as buffering or slow loading because of poor internet connection. Using a low-quality video, you can resolve playback errors or loading issues. You can enable 1080p (HD) video resolution on YouTube in Chrome or other browsers on desktop or laptop devices.

You can use watch YouTube videos offline features to watch videos offline on your Android phone or tablet without an internet connection. Also “YouTube red” features to watch ad-free videos on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube gaming. It’s quite easy to adjust the video quality of the YouTube app on your Android.

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How to Change YouTube Video Quality on Android Phone or Tablet

Let see steps to change YouTube streaming quality and download quality on the latest Android devices.

How to Change the Video Quality on YouTube Android in 2020

Step 1: Open the YouTube app in your Android device.

Step 2: Search the song and play it to change the default quality.

Change video quality on YouTube App Android

Step 3: Tap on Three vertical dots at the top right corner when playing a video.

How to Change YouTube Video Quality on Android

Step 4: Tap Quality.

Change the Video Quality on YouTube Android phone and tablet

Step 5: Choose from Auto/144p/240p/360p/420p/720p/1080p.

How to Enable 1080p on YouTube on PC or Laptop

Step 1: Open YouTube in your PC browser.

Step 2: Play any song.

YouTube Video Quality set on PC or Laptop

Step 3: Tap on the Setting gear icon.

Enable 1080p on YouTube

Step 4: Tap Quality.

How to Enable 1080p on YouTube on PC

Step 5: Choose from 1080p HD/720p/480p/360p/240p/144p/Auto (Default).

How to Change Download YouTube Video Quality on Android in 2020

Step 1: Log-in your YouTube account on Android.

YouTube profile to change download video quality

Step 2: Tap on the “Profile” icon at the top of the right corner.

YouTube settings to change download YouTube video quality

Step 3: Tap on “Settings”.

Change Downloads YouTube Video Quality

Step 4: Tap on “Downloads” under settings options.

Change Download YouTube Video Quality Android

Step 5: Tap on “Download quality”

You can see the above screen on your android phone or tablet. By default on your Android set YouTube video quality “Ask each time”.

How to Change Download YouTube Video Quality on Android

Step 6: Choose from Ask each time/HD (720p)/Medium (360p)/Low (144p) to change the YouTube video quality Android devices.

Now you can watch YouTube video high quality or select manually using your android app. Permanent/individually change or set video resolution using the above complete guide process.

How to Enable Download Over WiFi Only on YouTube App Android

If you want to download YouTube videos using Wi-Fi only, you need to enable this setting using the below steps.

Open YouTube app > Sign-in with your YouTube account > Tap Profile icon at upper right corner > Settings > Downloads > Toggle on “Download over Wi-Fi only”

Above you can see the simple steps to change YouTube video quality android phones or tablets. I want to set YouTube video quality 1080p/4K. If you have any trick, please share it with us in below comment box.

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