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Why is my Phone Saying No SIM Card Error on Android?

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by Bestusefultips

Irritating by No SIM card detected issues on your Android or Samsung phones? There are several reasons why your phone keeps saying No SIM Card error, such as faulted SIM card, a network issue, a faulty SIM card slot, a software glitch, or a SIM card not correctly inserted. Several users view this message: Unable to detect SIM card, No SIM card installed, or SIM card not recognized on Android phone (T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&, etc.). Another problem includes SIM cards, such as having a signal but can’t make calls, calls dropping, the poor sound quality on calls, and more. When a SIM card is not detected on your device, you can’t make a phone call or receive any calls from others. If your SIM card works fine with another phone, then your device is a hardware problem. You can use SIM settings to change the SIM card name and color on your Android phone. Follow the below-given possible solutions to fix the phone saying no SIM card error on Android, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixels, OnePlus, and other Android devices.

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Fix Why Does My Phone Say No SIM on Android Phones and Tablets

If your SIM card is not working properly or your Android phone says NO SIM problems, apply the solutions below.

Restart your Android Phone

Restart your phone to fix SIM Failure on Android

Long-press the power button and tap Restart in the power menu to reboot your phone. It will fix small bugs and improve the phone’s performance.

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Turn Airplane Mode On & Off

Turn Airplane Mode Off and On to Fix No SIM card detected issues Android

If you have a temporary network-related issue, you can quickly solve using this method. Swipe down the notification panel at the top and tap on Airplane mode to activate it. After 10 seconds, tap Airplane mode to turn it off. Now, check whether your SIM card has been detected.

Remove SIM Card & Reinsert

You can see this issue if the SIM card is not inserted correctly. Remove the SIM card from the SIM card tray on your Android phone. Restart your phone and reinsert it again and check to fix the issue.

Check SIM Card Damage or Phone Issues to Fix My Phone Saying No SIM Card

If your SIM card is damaged or faulty, you can see this No SIM connect error on your phone. Insert your SIM into another phone to see if the issue is with the phone or the card.

Faulty SIM Card Slot

Clean your SIM card slot with a soft brush if dust or moisture. If a faulty SIM card slot, your phone does not recognize the SIM card or SIM failure issue.

Turn your SIM Off & On

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Open the SIM using Network and Internet settings on your Phone

Step 2: Tap Network & internet.

How to Fix No SIM Card Error on your Android Device

Step 3: Tap on SIMs.

Turn your SIM Off and On to Fix No SIM Error on Android

Step 4: Toggle off Use SIM.

Why is my Phone Saying No SIM Card Error on Android

Step 5: Tap Yes.

Restart your phone and enable SIM to fix the phone saying No SIM Card error.

Turn On Automatically Select Network

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap Network & internet.

Step 3: Tap SIMs.

Turn On Automatically Select Network to Fix My Phone saying No SIM Card Error on Android

Step 4: Scroll down and toggle on Automatically select network.

Turn On Safe Mode to Check if Third Party App is Causing The Issue

You can check any third-party downloaded app causing the issue using safe mode on your phone. If you are still facing the No SIM issue in safe mode, it means any downloaded app is causing the problem on your phone. Find the app and remove it from your phone.

Reset Network Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on System.

Step 3: Scroll down at the end and tap Reset options.

Step 4: Tap Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Reset Network Settings to Fix my Phone Say No SIM on Android and Samsung

Step 5: Tap the Reset settings.

Step 6: Confirm your screen lock.

Step 7: Tap Reset settings to reset all network settings.

It will reset your WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, APN, and other network settings.

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Replace the SIM Card

If none of the above solutions worked for you, replace your SIM card and check to fix the No SIM card detected error on your phone.

If you are still facing the issue, contact the manufacturer or put your device in repair. Do you have any alternatives to fix the SIM card not recognizing errors on your Android? Please, share them with us in below comment section.

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What does SIM failure Mean?

You can see a SIM failure message on your Android phone when your phone is unable to find your SIM card. This SIM error message occurs due to several issues, like a damaged or faulty SIM card, a SIM card slot problem, or a software problem.

How do I take out a SIM card on Android?

To take out a SIM card, turn off your phone to stop damage. Find the SIM card holder or tray, insert the SIM injector tool into the small hole, and remove the SIM card tray. Now, remove or take out the SIM card from the tray. To use the SIM, insert a SIM card in an Android phone and turn it on.

How do I Stop Galaxy S21 No Alway Ask Option for Calls SIM1 SIM2?

You can set which SIM card you use for calls or messages on your Samsung Galaxy devices. Different version has slightly different settings to change the preferred SIM settings. To set SIM settings for the call, go to Settings > Mobile networks > SIM management > Select the SIM 1/SIM 2 > Choose Default Calling SIM or Mobile data.

What Does No SIM Mean on Android Phone?

If your Android device displays a No SIM, it means that your phone cannot detect a SIM card, the SIM card is not inserted properly, or the issue with the card or SIM card slot.

How do I Fix Android 13 No Preferred SIM Settings after the update?

If you can’t find the preferred network type setting after the Android 13 update on your Google Pixels, open your phone dialer and dial the *#*#4636#*#* > Phone information > Set Preferred network type > Choose a network type (NR Only or NR/LTE). By default, set NR/LTE/GSM/WCDMA.

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