How to Update Apps On Android Phone

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Check for app updates on Android phones? Here’s how to manually or automatically update all apps on android phone or tablet. You can update android apps individually or set auto-update apps on your android phone or tablet devices. Also set app update notification when updates are available on your android devices using Google Play Store settings on your android devices such as Samsung Galaxy J7 & J5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge & S6 edge plus, galaxy s6, s5, and more.

It’s simple to individually or automatically update apps on android phone. Using individually update apps, we can update only those apps we regularly use and another temporary is as it is. You can update the android app on your device using Wi-Fi or mobile data but in mobile data take more time to update apps. If possible, use Wi-Fi to update apps or system software update on your android device. Here I will show you the two simple tricks to update all Android apps at once.

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How to Update All Apps on Android Phone or tablet

Method 1: Update Apps on Android Individually

Step 1: Open the “Google play store” app on your android lollipop 5.1.1 and another device.

CLick on three horizontal line play store


Step 2: Tap on “three horizontal lines” from top of the left side corner.

Tap on my apps & games

Step 3: Click on “My apps & games”.

You can see the “update all” button.

How to update apps android phone

Step 4: Tap on the “Update All” button to update all apps at once.

Step 5: Tap Update to individually update the app.

Stop updating apps android phone

You can anytime start or pause app updates if you want.

Method 2: Automatically Update Apps on Android Phone 

Step 1: Open the “Google play store” app.

Step 2: Tap on “three horizontal lines”.

CLick on settings option

Step 3: Scroll down until see “settings” and tap on it.

Open auto-update apps under general section

Step 4: Under general settings, tap on “Auto-update apps”

You can see below three different options for auto-update apps on your android device including

  1. Do not auto-update apps
  2. Auto-update apps using mobile data
  3. Auto-update apps using Wi-Fi onlyAuto-update apps over wi-fi only on android lollipop

Step 5: Choose from the above-given options.

Set App Download Preferences on Android devices

You can change settings for auto-update apps on Android devices.

Google Play Store > Three horizontal lines at the top left corner > Settings > App download preference > Over any network/Over Wi-Fi only/Ask me every time

That’s it. Did you find the above methods useful to update apps android phones? Share with us on below comment box. Connect with us for the latest android tricks and tips.

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