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How to factory reset Google Home

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

The most satisfactory useful device of all time Google home mini is your perfect assistant for your routine life, Google home mini makes your up and down life simple by its function of speaker, your routine task manager, appointment reminder and schedule maker etc. So all the thing you need to know is everything about Google Home mini & max.

Now only by say a words like “OK Google” you will able to fix reminders, enjoying music and assist your life by Google home mini. Here we can present you steps for Google home mini’s factory data reset which is as simple as its application. Kindly take a view for how to factory reset Google home (home mini and max).

The setup process of the Google home mini is also simple but it is a little bit different and it is done by the Google home app and need steps but as compare to that for factory reset your Google home, Google home mini and max is only done by button, the Google home app does not take part in it. For that here we can provide you a process for how to factory reset Google home (home mini and max).

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How to factory reset Google Home, Home Mini & Max

How to factory reset Google Home, Home Mini & Max

First of all take a look on to the plugged in status of Google home and make sure that your Google home is plugged in and working and then find microphone button at the back of smart speaker. When you are ready to factory reset your device and wipe it entirely, press and hold on the microphone button 15 seconds, your Google home tell you that if you continue to hold the button the memory and settings will be wiped after that you keep pressing the button the home will finish the reset process.

How to factory reset Google Home Mini

Different from the regular sized home the home mini has a FDR (factory data reset) button on the underside of the smart speaker. Just like the above of Google home you need to hold down this button for 15 seconds. After, the mini will confirm that if you continue to hold down the button of factory data reset (FDR) and device will be wiped and factory reset.

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How to factory reset Google Home Max

Last from these all for how to erase the Google home max is identical to those for mini. Find the FDR button near the power cord and you should hold down foe roughly 12 seconds and continue to hold down the button after assistant confirms that your speaker will be reset and wiped your Google home speaker. So for Google home also you should reset your device by FDR button and Google home app is not needed.

So all the three devices of Google are reset by above 3 methods, we hope that you are understand the steps for how to factory reset Google home, home mini and max.

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