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How to find MAC address for Amazon echo

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

First of all you should know that about MAC address, a MAC address is a hardware identification number which uniquely identifies each device on a network. The MAC address is manufactured into each network card like Ethernet card or Wi-Fi card and there cannot be changed, so every device has a MAC address. The newly launched Amazon echo devices are also have a MAC address like every devices so you need to find it at some time, it is very important to know about how to find MAC address for Amazon echo devices. Here is the method for it.

You will absolutely need your MAC address to configure as well as troubleshoot network issues on your device. Be make sure that to use the correct MAC address which is depending on your connection type, many devices have both addresses wireless and a wire MAC address. Your device is not listed here, please check your user manual or contact the manufacturer of device-specified instructions. Here we guide you about the MAZ address of Amazon echo device and the process of how to find MAC address for Amazon echo device.

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How to find MAC address for Amazon Echo devices

How to find MAC address for Amazon echo devices

First of all you have to download an Alexa app to your phone or to your computer. Alexa app is most needed for the finding MAC address. After that sign in to your Amazon account through your Alexa app. Now connect to a wireless network which is transmitted by your Echo device. The wireless MAC address for your echo is seen at the bottom of the Echo Setup screen in your Alexa app and this is how you can find your MAC address for your echo device.

Amazon launched other devices also, Amazon fire TV is the also well known and most used device. Also you can need MAC address some time, here is the method for that.

First of all plug in your Amazon fire stick in to your fire TV and then go to further – if you are using your fire TV device first time the wireless MAC address will appear in the list of wireless networks during your setup. If this fire TV stick has been used not first time navigate these steps. First of all open settings then system and then go to the about and then open network and your MAC address listed at your screen. So you can easily find MAC address for your Amazon fire TV also.

We hope that you can understand the need of MAC address and the process for how to find MAC address for Amazon echo device.

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