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How to change font settings in windows 7

Change default font settings on Window 7. It’s easy to change font settings in Windows 7 including font size, windows font style and adjust ClearType text for LCDs such as Pocket PC screens, laptop screens and flat panel monitors. This ClearType font looks almost as sharp and clear on your Windows computer screen.

In Windows font settings of your device, you can see only that fonts that will work with your language settings, show or hide fonts manually, install font files using shortcut and if not change any of this options then restore default font settings on your Window 7 / Windows PC. Follow below given complete guide steps to change font settings in windows 7 / Windows PC.

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How to change font settings in Windows 7 or Windows PC

Step 1: Tap and click on the “Start” menu

Step 2: Tap on “Control Panel”

Tap on Appearance and Personalization category

Step 3: Tap on “Appearance and Personalization” category

Tap on fonts in Windows 7

Step 4: Tap on “Fonts”

How to change font settings in windows 7

Step 5: Tap on “Font settings” in top of the left side bar

You can see the option to show and hide fonts in windows 7 based on language settings and allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut. To save space on your computer, you can choose to install short cut to a font file instead of the file itself. Choose which fonts appear in your programs and how you want fonts to be installed on your Windows computer. If the font file becomes unavailable, you might not be able to use the font.

change font settings in windows 7

Step 6: After change font settings in Windows 7 PC, tap on “OK”. That’s all.

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Above you can see the simple process of change font settings in Windows 7 / Windows PC. Did you find the above process helpful?  Please let us know on below comment box and connect with us for daily latest updates!

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