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Fix NVIDIA SHIELD TV blank screen problem

When update system of SHIELD TV and TV firmware and seen error of black screen on your SHIELD TV. Sometimes you can also see issue of SHIELD TV audio & video sound after upgrade your device. Some of the 4K TVs has problem of black screen after installing OTA. It’s not difficult to fix NVIDIA SHIELD TV blank screen issue.

You can show blank screen with message of nothing is connected, your SHIELD TV is turned on but not signal. Always try to connect your NVIDIA SHIELD to a HDMI port on your TV without adapter. Follow below given step by step instruction to fix NVIDIA SHIELD TV blank screen problem.

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Fix NVIDIA SHIELD TV blank screen

  • First of all check SHIELD TV green light is turn on your device, if turn off the turned on it
  • Check not active SHIELD TV sleep mode
  • Check all cable connection of your SHIELD TV including HDMI cable and power cable
  • If HDMI port damage, connect your SHIELD with a new HDMI cable and change the source of your SHIELD TV with new cable.
  • Use high speed HDMI cables which is shorter than 3m and try different HDMI cable
  • Check for any SHIELD TV system software update or firmware update

Step 1: Open “SHIELD home screen” on your SHIELD TV

Step 2: Go to “Settings gear icon

Step 3: Tap on “About” under device section

  • Check TV source input and HDMI port that plugged with SHIELD TV. You can change input source until SHIELD TV on.
  • Customize home screen on your TV

Settings > Preferences > Home screen

  • Check HDMI port requires HDCP to connect TV

If you can show blank screen on 4K TV when installing or updating OTA, try below given steps on your device.

  1. Remove all cable and power source from SHIELD TV and after few seconds plug only power cable and check the TV.
  2. Check system software update, if available then upgrade and install it. Wait until set up system update and plug HDMI cable on your SHIELD TV.

That’s all.

I hope above given troubleshooting steps fix NVIDIA SHIELD TV blank screen problem. If you have known other easy way to fix black screen problem on SHIELD TV, please share with us. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends on social network.

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