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How to Fix NVIDIA SHIELD Controller Not Working After Update

Last Updated on May 7, 2020 by Bestusefultips

Annoying from NVIDIA SHIELD Controller not working on Android or Desktop PC after update or charging? In the starting controller working perfectly on my laptop or desktop device, suddenly stop working. When this happens, first of all, make sure the SHIELD controller is unplugged or power off. You can connect your TV with SHIELD TV/SHIELD tablet. Sometimes SHIELD controller not working when streaming games or turn on after charging fully.

You can connect the SHIELD controller to a TV using this page. To connect your TV with a controller, use the NVIDIA button on the SHIELD controller. It will automatically connect to your TV after a few minutes and an LED flashlight turn on. If not flash, charge your controller. Follow below-given troubleshooting steps to fix NVIDIA SHIELD Controller not working on PC after charging.

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5 Methods to Fix NVIDIA SHIELD Controller Not Working

NVIDIA SHIELD Controller not working

Check Android TV version of steam link app & steam controller

Open play store and check for the apps update available for stream controller app or steam link app. If available then update it, and the stream controller worked again.

Check for software update

Check any latest software update for your SHIELD controller. If the update available then updates it and try to connect with PC.

Restart your SHIELD to fix NVIDIA SHIELD controller not working

SHIELD home screen > Power button > Restart

Check controller is not unplugged

Make sure the SHIELD controller is plugged with your TV.

SHIELD Controller turns off after charging

You can connect your TV with a controller. Sometimes fully charging your device is the cause to a controller not working. If not working after charging then press the NVIDIA button of the SHIELD controller for 30-40 seconds and release it. Again tap the NVIDIA button and check its working.

You can check the controller is charged or not using the below settings.

SHIELD Home screen > SHIELD accessories > SHIELD controller

Reset NVIDIA SHIELD controller or Connecting SHIELD controller

Unplug your entire devices that connect with the controller. After few times connecting controller on your TV using the below steps.

SHIELD controller > NVIDIA button > Turn on LED Flash

If not turn on the LED light, charge your controller and try again connecting it.

I hope the above given possible solution fix NVIDIA SHIELD Controller not working problem. If you have found this article helpful then share it with your friends on social networks.

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