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How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Z Fold 5


Annoyig by network-related issues on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5? You need to perform reset network settings on Samsung Z Fold 5 (5G). Resettings network settings will delete all network settings like WiFi password remove, paired Bluetooth connection, cellular data settings, etc. Sometimes, Samsung reset the network settings helpful …

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How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


2 Methods to factory reset Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. You can reset your Samsung Z Fold 5 using phone settings. If your Samsung phone doesn’t turn on, a Black screen of death, an unresponsive touchscreen, forgotten screen lock Password/PIN/Pattern, or other issues, you can perform a hard reset (Master …

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Bluetooth Problem


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are common issues with all newly launched Smartphones. In this tutorial, I’ll explain possible solutions to fix the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Bluetooth problem. Different Bluetooth issues occur, like Bluetooth won’t turn on, can’t pair with the car’s Bluetooth, Bluetooth not connecting, or other Bluetooth pairing …

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Wi-Fi Issues


Wi-Fi is not working on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices? Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Wi-Fi issues. Different types of Wi-Fi problems occur on your Samsung phone, like Wi-Fi ok but not working, Wi-Fi network not showing, Wi-Fi not turning on, Samsung phone not connecting …

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How to Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel Fold


Do you want to make a screenshot in Google Pixel Fold? In this tutorial, I’ll explain 4 different methods to take a screenshot on Google Pixel Fold. You can use the power & volume down buttons, quick tap gestures, recent apps screen, or Google Assistant to capture a screenshot on …

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