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Android weight loss apps 2016: best reviews

Best weight loss apps for android phone or tablet devices. These all best android weight loss apps are perfect to improve your fitness & nutrition level, track diet & exercise, daily charts to track fats, carbs & proteins, record physical activities and other helpful tips and tricks for common weight loss.

Below you can download free android weight loss apps for couples, college students, person suffering from diabetics and other people.

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7 best android weight loss apps 2017

1) My diet coach:

My diet coach android weight loss apps

Helpful tips and tricks to weight loss such as food cravings, exercises, meals & healthy snacks and track your fitness & nutrition level. Daily various challenges to loss body fat, increase calorie burn and also includes inspiring tips, photos and exercises. This is one of the best rating android weight loss apps for phone or android tablet such as Samsung galaxy, galaxy note etc.

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2) Lose weight without dieting:

Lose weight without dieting apps

This android app for weight loss is best to set schedule of fitness diet, law calories & healthy food, exercise, record a meal and track your fitness level. Also calculate proteins, fats, carbs, calories and record physical exercises such as jumping, running, walking and swimming. Best weight loss & fitness app to track your weight, bust, thigh measurements and waist.

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3) Calorie counter – MyfitnessPal:

Calorie Counter app for android phone

It contains 6000000+ food database, track 350+ cardio exercises & training and track most of all nutrients like as fat, calories, protein, sugar, fiber, carbs, cholesterol and more. Also track your daily diet & exercise, view your progress report chart, daily nutrition and connect with 50+ devices & apps. This is world’s most popular health & fitness and android weight loss apps 2017.

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4) Lose It:

Lose it android weight loss apps

This weight loss app for android phone or android tablet is bet to track your food & nutrition, meal, healthy food & exercise planning and track weight, body fat and various nutrients. Also share foods with your friends.

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5) Weight loss tracker:

Weight loss tracker app for android tablet

Best android app to track your weight & body data, useful diet tips and statistics on your body weight improvements. Also includes BMI calculator to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight diary with charts. This is one of the best fitness & weight loss apps for android phone or android tablet.

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6) Monitor your weight:

Monitor your weight app for android

Best weight loss app to calculate BMI, body fat, calorie burned, total weight loss, daily & weekly average loss weight and show the progress report of daily activity. Also useful for track one or more profiles and sync data between devices.

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7) Pedometer & weight loss coach:

Pedometer and weight loss apps for android

This android app tracks your weight & BMI and set the activity and other important information to improve your health & fitness level. Also tracks all your fitness activity including jumping, running or walking, distance and calories. This is one of the best fitness & diet tracking android weight loss apps 2017.

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Above you can see the good android weight loss apps for phone or tablet. Which is your favorite weight loss app 2017 from above given list to track your fitness & diet? Share with us in below comment box. Fell free to share these useful android apps for weight loss with your friends.

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