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How To Change PFP (Profile Picture) for Instagram

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Bestusefultips

Are you annoyed by using the default Instagram pfp on your phone? Here’s how to change PFP for Instagram on Android and iPhone. You can edit picture or avatar using profile settings on your Instagram app. Choose an image from your phone gallery or capture a photo using a camera. Also, remove your current Instagram picture anytime on your device. You can use the Instagram profile picture downloader to view and download the Instagram pfp for Ig in full picture size on your PC online.

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How To Change Profile Pic on Ig Android and iPhone

Step 1: Download & install the Instagram app and sign in with your account or Facebook account.

Tap the Instagram profile photo to change on Android



Step 2: Tap the Profile icon at the bottom middle.

Edit Profile to change Instagram photo on Android


Step 3: Tap Edit profile.

How To Change PFP (Profile Picture) for Instagram


Step 4: Tap Edit picture or avatar.

You can see your profile icon and Instagram avatar icon at the bottom.

How To Change Profile Pic on Ig Android and iPhone


Step 5: Tap on the profile or Avatar icon and tap the New profile picture.

Change Profile Picture on Instagram App Android


Step 6: Select the photo from your phone gallery and tap the Arrow icon at the top.


You can see this message on the screen: Your profile picture was changed.

How to Change Profile Pic on Instagram Windows 11/10 Computer – Chrome 

Step 1: Open the on your PC.

Step 2: Tap on your Profile icon.

Step 3: Again tap on the Profile icon.

You can see the Upload photo and Remove current photo options here.

How to Change Profile Pic on Instagram Desktop or Laptop

Step 4: Tap Upload photo.

Step 5: Select the Photo from your PC.


How to Remove Profile Picture Instagram on Android

If you have already created an account, then you can change your profile photo and also remove the Instagram profile photo from your account.

Remove profile photo on Instagram Account Android Smartphone

Log in to Instagram Account > Profile icon at bottom right corner > Edit your profile > Tap Profile picture > Remove Profile photo or Remove current picture.

How to Insta PFP Download If Recently Change

Step 1: Open the File manager app on your device.

Step 2: Tap on Internal storage.

Step 3: Tap on Pictures.

Download your Instagram profile picture on Android

Step 4: Tap Instagram.

How to Insta PFP Download on Android Phone

Step 5: View Instagram profile pictures you recently changed on your account.

Now, you can share or move photos to your Google drive and download your Instagram profile picture on your device.

That’s it. I hope the above-given steps to change your Instagram profile picture Android phone or tablet is helpful. Please let me know if you face any problems via the comment box. It would be a pleasure to help you.


Why can’t I Change my Profile Picture on Instagram?

Turn on your Interner and try to update your profile picture. Make sure to enable mobile data or WiFi network when changing your Instagram picture. If you still have to face the issue, log out of your Instagram account and log in again to try to change your profile picture.

Can I Change my Instagram Icon?

Yes, you can change your Instagram icon using a third-party app like X Icon Changer to change the app icon on your Android device. You can use the Shortcuts app to change the Instagram app icon if you’re an iPhone device.

How Many Times can you Change your Profile Picture on Instagram?

Whenever you want to change the profile photo (No limit). You can change your profile picture on Instagram anytime you want, like daily or once a month, etc.

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