10 best Android apps for health and fitness

Here you can download most useful health and fitness apps for android smart phones and tablets. Using these all best android apps for health and fitness, you can practice various exercise, get health and nutrition tips, showing health and fitness video, recipe for better health & you can also find best doctors, instant appointments and other health and fitness related details. Below you can get best android apps for health and fitness tracking 2018.

Most Popular android apps for health and fitness / Android health apps 2018

7 minute workout android apps for health and fitness

7 Minute Workout

This android health app 2018 is best for lose weight, make abs with sixpack and flat tummy & abdominal muscles. It contains 12 exercises and video tutorial to make your health and fitness better. Using this health app, you can exercise of full body, arm workout, cardio workout, leg workout etc. This Android health app is one of the best android apps for health and fitness. It also supports Google Fit.


  • Adjust time to your situation
  • Daily workout notification
  • Abs workout for women
  • #1 workout app

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Health & Nutrition guide app for android

Android app for Health & Nutrition Guide

This app contains various health & nutrition tips, health recipes, home remedies, nutrition calculators and other health & nutrition tips. Using this guide app, you can also get details of best food which is best for your body, daily diet tips and nutrition calculator.


  • Easily maintain & improve health
  • Suggest healthy diet & practice
  • #1 perfect health & nutrition guide

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Daily Workouts app for android

Daily Workouts Free

This daily workout health app 2018 include ten various 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts, 10 to 30 minute randomized full body workouts and 95+ exercise to make better health and fitness. You can also show each exercise video with detail explanations. This app is best android apps for health and fitness.


  • Works offline
  • On screen instructions
  • Both for men and women

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Health Manager app for android

Heath Manager app

This health app 2018 is best for manage or track your health diet, water consumption, daily routine exercise, eating food, weight & height and other health related details. You can also check BDI, body weight, body fat level, calorie requirements, water level and more. This health manager app is one of the best android apps for health and fitness.


  • Maintain healthy diet level
  • Improve health awareness & consciousness
  • #1 app for healthy lifestyle

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Calorie Counter app for android

Calorie Counter: Health and fitness app 2018

This health & fitness app 2018 includes 5000000+ food databases to track your daily health diet and exercise within five minutes. You can also track 350+ cardio exercises, calories, protein, fiber, cholesterol, fat, strength training, sugar and more. This fitness app is #1 used android apps for health and fitness.


  • Track daily diet & exercise
  • Largest food database
  • Connect with 50+ devices

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Practo health app for android

Practo: Your Health app

Using this app, you can find doctors who specialize in Heart, Mental Health, Thyroid, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and other specialize. You can read, search and share medical questions, search best doctors & its details including qualifications, patients’ feedback, consultation, clinic profiles, fees etc.


  • 120000+ verified doctors
  • Book instant appointments
  • Get instant answers of medical questions

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Above you can download free android apps for health and fitness. Which of the above android health apps 2018 would you prefer most for health and fitness tracking? If you have known other useful health apps for android smart phones and tablets then please comment below box.

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