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Android apps for Yoga

Most popular Android yoga apps 2020 which are best for daily health fitness and exercise. Using these Android apps for Yoga you can daily practice different Yoga poses, breathing exercises, Improve concentration, self-control and positive behavior, help to lose weight, maintain stress, aid relaxation, and meditations, etc. You can also watch various yoga HD videos in your Android smartphone and Tablets.

If you want to enjoy life better health and well being than you must be used below best Yoga apps for Android smartphone and tablets.

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Top best Android apps for Yoga: Best Android Yoga apps 2020

Daily Yoga Android app

Daily Yoga app for Android

This Yoga app contains 50+ HD Yoga exercises, 400+ various yoga poses, HD Yoga videos, live voice guides, etc. Using this Android Yoga app 2020 you can get relax, relieve stress, burn fat, etc. This app is one of the best Android apps for Yoga for health fitness at home and other outside places.


  • 7 different Yoga Plans
  • Step by Step guide
  • Social Community
  • Compatible with Android Tablets

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Simply Yoga Android app

Simply Android apps for Yoga 2020

This Yoga app for Android contains 20, 40 and 60 minute Yoga workouts for each Yoga pose. Using this Android Yoga app you can practice your favorite own Yoga at home. This is one of the best Android apps for Yoga to daily workout for both men and women. 


  • 30+ Yoga poses
  • 3 predefined routines
  • Video for each pose and audio for routine

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Yoga app for Android

This Android app for Yoga contains 73 different Yoga poses with postures. Using this Yoga Android app 2020 you can practice various poses including Inversion poses, backbend poses, Standing poses, Core poses, Arm balance poses, etc.


  • 3 different level
  • Improve concentration
  • Peace of mind

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8 Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach Android app

8 Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach Android app

If you want to flat stomach then you must install this Android app for Yoga. Using this Android Yoga app 2020 you can easily flat stomach if you can exercise 8 Yoga poses regularly, proper sleep and diet and regular exercise. You can also share this Yoga app for Android with your friends.

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Above you can see popular Android apps for Yoga which is best to maintain life without stress and make feel happy. Which of the above Yoga apps for Android would you prefer most for use daily routine life? If you have known other best health and fitness Android Yoga apps 2020 for Android smartphones and tablets then please comment below.

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