Red exclamation mark android when sending message

Messaging problems when sending or receiving messages on your android phone.  Sometimes you can see the red exclamation mark android device, it means your text message was not sent. First of all change your preferred network to Global. In your android device, set network preference to save battery. Your device search all available cellular networks and tries to connect the fastest network it can use.

In messaging, you can also see other problem of messenger app has stopped, can’t send or receive message, can’t hear notifications and more. But in this tutorial, I will show you complete process to fix red exclamation mark android phone when sending message.

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How to fix red exclamation mark android text message

When red triangle seen when send text message on android, try below troubleshooting step:

Step 1: Check signal strength on android Nougat (Android 7.0) & marshmallow (Android 6.0) and other devices

Week signal of your cellular network is a common reason of unsent messages. Check in the status bar, how many bars your network connection has. If you can see low bars, change location to improve your signal strength, particularly if you are indoors.

To view network connection strength:

Red exclamation mark android

Settings > Battery > Battery history graph

cellular network signal on android phone

Now use the colors of your cellular network signal to find if you’ve had a recent loss of network signal. If network signal weak, phone uses up to three times more battery power than normal to maintain network connection. I hope this steps solved your red exclamation mark android message error.

Step 2: Open the conversation and resend the message

Follow below given ways when not sending or receiving messages on your android device:

1st way: Check messaging app updates on your device

2nd way: Check software update for your phone

Settings > about phone > System updates

3rd way: Turn phone off and turn on again

When messenger app has stopped on android phone:

1st method: Check app permission not disabled

2nd method: Force stop the app

3rd method: Uninstall any recent app updates

4th method: Clear the app’s cache on android phone

If above given methods not solved your problem of suddenly messenger stopped in your android device, try below method.

5th method: Reset the android device

Don’t forget to which method worked for you. We hope above given steps clear to fix red exclamation mark android text message. If you have any kind of trouble, let us know below comment box, would be pleasure to help you. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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