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How to Fix Something Went Wrong Try Reloading Twitter Chrome, Android

Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Bestusefultips

It’s annoying that something went wrong error when trying to Twitter login. Here’s the list of possible solutions to fix something went wrong try reloading Twitter Chrome, Android, Samsung, or iPhone issues. The reason behind facing this Twitter error may be a glitch in the Twitter app, Twitter’s server being down, a web browser cache issue in Chrome (Mozilla, Microsoft Edge. etc.), update time on your phone and PC, etc. Check out the below-given methods to fix Twitter something went wrong error message on Google Chrome, Android, or iPhone devices.

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How to Fix Something Went Wrong Try Reloading Twitter Error on Android and iPhone

One of the most straightforward solutions is to refresh the browser on your PC by pressing the F5 button and checking to fix the Twitter something went wrong issue.

Check your Internet Connection

Check your Internet Connection to Fix Something went wrong on Twitter

Ensure your phone or PC’s internet connection is stable and access the Twitter app easily. A slow internet connection also causes this type of problem sometimes.

Restart your phone or PC

Rebooting your phone or PC will refresh your device’s OS and stop all background processes, fixing minor bugs.

Restart your phone to fix Something went wrong try reloading twitter issue

To restart your Android device, Long-press the power button and tap on Restart in the power menu to reboot your phone. 

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To restart your iPhone, Press the side and volume buttons simultaneously and drag the power slider. Hold the side button to get your iPhone back up.

Restart your Windows PC to Fix Something went wrong Error on Twitter

To restart your PC or Laptop, Tap on the Windows logo > Power button > Restart.

Check if Twitter is Down

You can use the downdetector method to check if Twitter servers are down. Check the status to confirm the server problem. 

Clear Twitter App Cache to Fix Twitter Something Went Wrong Error

Clear your Twitter account cache to delete the temporary data and restart your app to fix something that went wrong error on your phone.

Clear Twitter App Cache to Fix Twitter Something Went Wrong Error

To Clear the Twitter Cache on Android, go to Settings > Apps > See all apps > Twitter > Storage & cache or Storage > Clear cache.

Samsung Galaxy: Settings > Apps > Twitter > Storage > Clear cache.

To Clear the Twitter Cache on iPhone, Open the Twitter > Hamburger icon > Settings & privacy > Data usage > Clear media storage.

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Check Software Update

Sometimes, software bugs cause the ” something went wrong ” error on your device. Make sure your device is updated with the latest version.

Check for System Update to Fix Twitter Something went wrong error

For Android, go to Settings > System > System update > Check for update or Settings > About phone > Check for updates> Download & install.

For Samsung, go to Settings > Software update > Download and install.

For iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software update.

Update the Date & Time

Check the date and time on your Phone.

Update the Date and time to fix Twitter something went wrong problem

For Android, go to Settings > System > Date & time > Toggle on Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

For iPhone, go to Settings > General > Date & time > Toggle on Set automatically.

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How to Fix Something went wrong try Reloading Twitter Chrome Windows 10-Windows 11

1. Log in to Twitter to Different Browsers

You can see a Twitter login error on your browser if there are compatibility issues. Twitter sign-in on your Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsft Edge, Safari, or other browsers.

2. Check your Browser is Up-to-Date

Also, ensure your browser is updated to the latest version. To check if your PC browser is updated, go to > Browser check > Update now.

3. Open Twitter Incognito Mode

Incognito mode helps you browse privately. Try to open your Twitter account in Incognito or private mode to check for cache-related issues on your PC. Another user who uses your PC won’t see your history. To quickly access Incognito mode on your Google Chrome browser, simultaneously press the Ctrl + Shift + N.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome on your PC or Phone.

Step 2: Tap on Three vertical dots at the top right corner.

Open Twitter Incognito Mode to Fix Something went wrong twitter Chrome

Step 3: Tap the New Incognito Window on the PC or the New Incognito tab on the phone.

Step 4: Try to sign in to your Twitter account.

4. Check the Date & Time on your PC

Step 1: Right-click the date & time on the taskbar in your Windows 11/Windows 10 PC.

Step 2: Tap Adjust date/time.

Set Date and Time to Fix Something went wrong try reloading twitter issue on PC

Step 3: Toggle on Set time automatically.

5. Delete your Chrome Browser’s Cache & Cookies

How to Fix Something Went Wrong Try Reloading Twitter Chrome, Android

You must clear your Chrome browser’s search history, which will delete cookies, cache images, and files from your device. 


How do I fix the Logout error on Twitter?

If you’re facing a logout error on Twitter, try using another browser. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache, log out from all devices if using multiple devices, disable or remove extensions, or check browser updates. If you are still facing the problem, contact the Twitter support team.

How do I Fix the Twitter Login Error?

If you face a login error on Twitter, please check your username and password. Ensure the internet is working, try to log in to Twitter to a different browser, clear the app cache & data in your phone, and clear your browser’s cache & cookies. I hope one of the given solutions fixes your Twitter error when signing in to your account.

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