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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Draining So Fast

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Annoying by battery drain issue on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10? Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 plus battery life problems. There are several reasons that reduce battery life on your S10 plus such as apps running in the background, live wallpaper, sleep time, full brightness, enable always-on display, and more. You can enable data saver & adaptive brightness, use power-saving mode and other settings to extend battery life on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 device.

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How to Improve Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Life

How to fix Galaxy S10 plus battery life problem

Apply below-given troubleshooting methods to improve galaxy S10 plus battery life.

Minimize Sleep time & screen brightness

Screen time-out time

Minimize screen time-out time to 15/30 seconds to extend battery life in S10 plus device.

Settings > Display > Sleep time > Choose 15 seconds/30 Seconds

Screen Brightness

Swipe down the notification panel and reduce the screen brightness.

Disable Always-on display

It will drain less battery compared to other features. Automatically wake up screen when you’re S10 plus receive messages, that consuming battery in your Galaxy S10 plus & S10.

Settings > Lock screen > Toggle off Always-on display

Turn on Power Saving Mode to fix Galaxy S10 plus battery life problem

You’ll use medium or maximum power-saving mode in Samsung S10 plus to improve battery life. This Samsung Galaxy S10 plus power-saving mode will disable background data usage, Always-on display, screen resolution and other settings that help to save battery life on S10 plus. To activate power saving mode, check this.

Close All Apps Running in the Background

Open recent apps from the home screen > Swipe screen right side until Close all > Close all

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps (Sleeping apps)

Using app power management settings, you can put the unused app to sleep, auto disables unused apps that haven’t be used in 3o days and more.

Settings > Device Care > Battery > Three vertical dots > Select settings > Sleeping apps

Disable App Background Activity

By default several apps running in the background even we use temporary that quickly drain the battery on Galaxy S10 Plus and other devices. Disable unnecessary running apps background data on S10 Plus One UI.

Settings > Apps > Select app > background data usage > Turn off toggle background data

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Remove Screensaver if set

If use screen saver in your Samsung S10 plus, remove it from lock screen to improve battery life. Also, remove live wallpaper if set from your S10+.

Settings > Display > Screen saver

Enable Adaptive Brightness

It will useful to adjust your screen brightness automatically related to your environment and activities. Also manually set screen brightness if you want on S10 plus.

Settings > Display > Adaptive brightness

Enable Performance Mode

Performance mode uses to reduce Galaxy S10 Plus battery life to automatically adjust screen display or screen resolutions in your Smartphone. Also, change settings for game and entertainment mode to extend battery life on Samsung S10 plus.

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Turn Off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other Location services when not use

Turn off location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other services while not use in your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to improve battery life.

End the list of possible ways to fix Galaxy S10 plus battery life problems. Do you know any other tips to extend battery life on Galaxy S10 Plus? Share with us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates.

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