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How to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues

Here’s how to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues. There are several reasons to suddenly overheat or warm galaxy S10 such as long time playing games, faulty battery, watch continuous videos or movies on YouTube or PC, GPS navigation etc. Sometimes S10 damage also if your device overheating and you continue charge your phone.

Several users have habit of playing games or use device while phone is charging, be careful for this. Because of this you’re device quickly overheating and quickly drain battery also. Follow below given different methods to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues after update system software.

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How to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues

How to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues

Check out below given possible troubleshooting steps to fix warm or overheating problem on Samsung galaxy S10 and galaxy S10 Plus One UI 1.1 devices.

1st Way: Restart your Galaxy S10

Press & hold the power button and tap Restart to reboot your S10 device. After restart your phone, play games or continuous watching video long time and check galaxy S10 warm or not.

2nd Way: Use Original charger to charge

Always use original wireless charger to charge your Samsung galaxy S10 device. Avoid your S10 devices with faulty charger or cables. Also check defective battery in your device.

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3rd Way: Remove case or cover

Remove galaxy S10 case or cover that warm your device while charging.

4th Way: Turn on safe mode to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues

Step 1: Press and hold the power button on your S10 until power off button appear

Step 2: Long press Power off button until appear Reboot to safe mode

Step 3: Tap OK to boot into safe mode galaxy S10 Plus

Now wait until restarting your Samsung S10 Plus device.

Step 4: You can view Safe mode icon on bottom left corner of the screen

Now disable all downloaded apps from your device. Check your galaxy S10 device working normally even playing games or watching movie continuously etc. If you can’t found any issue in S10 safe mode, it means any third party apps occurs this warm issue in S10 device. Just reboot your device to exit safe mode on galaxy S10 and remove one by one app from your device and check fix overheating issues on galaxy S10 device.

Apply below given possible trick to fix overheating or warm galaxy S10 issues.

  • Keep away your galaxy 10 device from excessive heat
  • Avoid your device with faulty charger or cables
  • Don’t use defective battery
  • Don’t use any third party apps or intensive resource that overheat your phone
  • Keep away your Samsung galaxy S10 from all side close locations, poor areas where easily increase heat and quickly hot or warm galaxy S10 phone.
  • Turn off background apps that is unnecessary

If none of the above given method fix overheating issues on galaxy S10, contact customer care and replace it if warranty period.

The list ends here to fix Galaxy S10 overheating issues. Don’t forget to mention which method worked for you. Do you have any other tips you want to share? Hit the comments and let us know!

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