How to Fix Galaxy Note 9 Low Call Volume Issues

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Irritate by Samsung Note 9 call volume too low or call speaker problem? Here are possible solutions to fix low call volume on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There are different types of volume issues available such as media volume too low, volume law, low speaker volume, Bluetooth volume low, volume boost and more. Have you been ever facing this type of low call volume problem on your Samsung galaxy devices?

One of the most common reasons for this issue is poor network signal strength or hardware problem in your Note 9. Because of poor network connection, sometimes people can’t hear a voice on calls or call dropping problem on galaxy Note 9. Check out below given different methods to fix Galaxy Note 9 low call volume issues.

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How to Fix Low Volume On a Call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 low call volume issues

You’ll try microphone while facing poor sound call quality on Galaxy Note 9 and other devices. Let see one by one method to fix phone call volume is low on Samsung Note 9.

Check phone volume settings

Make sure your Note 9 volume is full such as media volume, call volume and ring volume.

Settings > Sound > Media volume / Call volume

Poor network signal strength to fix Galaxy Note 9 low call volume issues

Sometimes due to bad network signal on galaxy Note 9, you can’t hear a voice on a phone call or call dropping problem. Find nearby places that good network signal and trying to make a phone call and fix the issue.

Remove Case & Cover if blocking the speaker

Remove the phone case & cover and make a phone call and check the volume issue.

Check Microphone issue  

If you are using a microphone while making phone calls and call volume too low. Make sure nothing is in front of a microphone or microphone is not faulted.

Check any third-party app causing the issue

Check any downloaded third-party app causing the issue in your device. Enable safe mode on galaxy Note 9 to check any app causing issue or not.

Step 1: Press & hold the power button on your Galaxy Note 9.

Step 2: Touch & hold the power off.

You can see this message: Reboot to safe mode.

Step 3: Tap OK.

Now all third-party apps are disabled in your device. Check to fix galaxy Note 9 low call volume problem or not. If fix call volume too low issue, it means any third party apps causing this issue. Now delete one by one recently downloaded app and check to fix low sound quality call problems or not.

Factory reset galaxy Note 9

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap Backup & reset.

Step 3: Tap Factory data reset.

Step 4: Tap Reset device.

It will reset all your galaxy Note 9 internal storage and other personal data. If none of the above methods fix your Note 9 phone call volume issue, hard reset galaxy Note 9.

And that’s all. Apply above given possible methods to fix Galaxy Note 9 low call volume issues. Do you have any other tips you want to share with us? Tell us in below comment box.

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