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Fix has stopped: How to

One of the most common errors android users face is the has stopped. This android device error occurs at any time in your device. The reason behind occurs this error is download manager, firmware upgrade failed or data synchronization. Sometimes you can not fix has stopped error in your device. So contact any mobile expert or customer care.

Another type of error message is “Unfortunately, the process has stopped on your android device screen. Don’t need to panic when seeing these types of errors in your android device. Let see some of the possible solutions to fix has stopped error in android or Samsung Galaxy devices.

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How to fix has stopped in android phone or tablet

Fix has stopped error

1st Method: Clear the cache and data of Google play store & Google play services

Step 1: Go to “Settings” in your android devices

Step 2: Under the device section, tap on “Apps

You can view a list of installing and system apps of your android phone or tablet devices.

Step 3: Scroll down unlit “Google play store” and tap on it

Step 4: Tap “Storage

Clear cache and data of play store to fix error android

Step 5: Tap “Clear cache” and tap “Clear data

Clear cache of Google Play services:

Clear cache of Google play services to fix error android

Settings > Apps > Google Play services > Storage > Clear cache and clear data

Now check the problem is solved or not. If not resolve, try the below-given method in your devices.

2nd Method: Stop Google synchronization to fix has stopped error

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: Tap on “Accounts” under the personal section

Step 3: Tap “Google

Disable all Google synchronization on android

Step 4: Disable all Google synchronization if enable

3rd Method: Clear data of media storage to fix has stopped in android

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: Under the device section, tap on “Apps

You can view a list of installed apps in your android devices.

Step 3: Scroll down until “media storage” and tap on it

Step 4: Tap “Storage

Step 5: Tap “Clear data

If clear data of media storage not fix the issue, force stop media storage and restart your android device.

4th Method: Factory reset data on android phone

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: Tap “Backup & reset” under the personal section

Here you can see back my data option to back up your important data before resetting your Android device.

Step 3: Tap “Factory data reset

Reset android phone to fix stopped error

Step 4: Tap “Reset phone

If you set any pattern lock or PIN or Password or Fingerprint, confirm it to go the next step.

Step 5: Tap “Erase everything

It will erase all your important data such as photos, videos, and other internal storage data, downloaded apps and more. I hope this solution fix stopped error.

That’s all. We hope this makes clear how to fix has stopped error in android phone. Do you know some other methods to fix this issue? Leave your feedback in below comment box.

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