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How to enable two factor authentication facebook

Do you know how to setup facebook two step verification on PC or laptop?  This facebook two factor authentication is a best security feature to protect your facebook account against hackers or unknown users. When enable two factor authentication facebook on desktop, you must need security code to log in your account that send on your mobile number or email.

You can secure your facebook account using various authentication methods such as test message codes, security key, turn on code generator, use third party apps and more. Also turn on facebook login alert on pc so when someone tries to log in your facebook account, you can get alert notifications. Follow below given step by step guide to setup or enable two factor authentication facebook on pc or laptop device.

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Complete guide of How to enable two factor authentication facebook on PC

Step 1: Log in your facebook account on PC or laptop

Facebook account settings in pc

Step 2: Tap “More” from top of screen & Touch “Settings

You can see facebook settings screen on your desktop.

Step 3: Click “Security

Facebook two factor authentication settings

Step 4: Tap “Edit” in two-factor authentication

By default turn off two-factor authentication facebook. You can see below options for facebook two-factor authentication use on your PC to secure account.

enable two factor authentication facebook


Step 5: Tap “Setup

Step 6: Click “Set up second factors

You can add your phone number or use security key and code generator to enable two factor authentication facebook in your pc.

Add phone numebr to enable two step verification facebook

Step 7: Tap “Add phone number

Step 8: Enter phone number & tap “Continue

You should receive code on your added phone number.

Enter confirmation code

Step 9: Enter confirmation code & tap “Confirm

You can see below screen on your pc or laptop device.

Save settings for two step authentication

Step 10: Check box of “Turn on text notifications” & set share your phone number with public / friends / only me

By default set friends to share phone number.

Step 11: Tap “Save settings

Enable facebook two factor authentication on pc

Step 12: Tap “Enable

Now verify your facebook account to enter log in details.

Step 13: Enter your facebook password & Tap “Submit

Set up facebook two-factor authentication

See this message on screen: Are you sure you want to set up two-factor authentication?

Also uncheck the box if you want to turn off two-factor authentication any time on your desktop or tablet device, otherwise next seven day not disable two step verification facebook.

Step 14: Tap “Enable

Facebook Two factor authentication on in desktop

That’ all about how to setup facebook two step verification on pc using phone number.

Also use below given methods to secure your facebook account against hackers or spammers when they are trying to log in your facebook account without your permission.

Security keys: If you have a USB security key, you can use this method to protect your facebook account.

Code generator: Use third party app to generate facebook log in codes

Recovery codes: This recovery codes use when you don’t have your android phone or tablet device. There are 10 codes available for log in your account. Keep them safe.

Hope you have liked above tips to enable two factor authentication facebook. Please share this article, if you find it helpful? If you have any trouble with above given steps, let us know below comment box. We will respond as soon as possible.

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