How To Set Up 2-Step Verification for Google Account on PC or Laptop

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Here’s how to turn on 2 step verification for Gmail or Google account on your PC or laptop device. It will protect your Gmail account from hackers and unknown spammers to steal your password. You can use your mobile number or passcode for two-step verification on your Google account. This 2 step verification Gmail settings provide higher security for your google account to secure your important data & password. When you activate or enable two-step verification, if anybody tries to log in to your account with the correct email id and password then he must need a verification code which will be sent by Google on your registration number or call on your registered mobile number. Without entering that password no one can log in to your google email account.

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How To Activate/Enable Two-Step Verification Gmail or Google Account on your Desktop or Laptop

Step 1: Sign in with your Google account.

If you have not created your Google account then Click Here

Step 2: After login, you will see various account settings options such as Sign-in & security, Personal info & privacy, and Account preferences. Scroll down until see “signing in to Google” and tap on it.

tap on two step verification under signing settings

Step 3: In the Signing in settings, click on the “two-step verification”.

By default two-step verification off on your device.

Two step verification start

Step 4: Click on the “Start Setup” button.

Step 5: Enter your phone number for receiving text messages or voice calls. After Entering your phone number choose from one of the below radio button options.

  • Text Message: Google send verification code to your mobile
  • Voice Call: Call on your registered mobile number for verification codeTap on send button to get code

Step 6: Click on the Send Button.

Verify two step verification call on gmail

Step 7: From the Google account send a text message code or voice call for account verification.

verify as a trusted computer


Step 8: To verification of code you will see the above image. Click on the “Next button”.

Conform two step verification

Now you have successfully activated or verify your google account. Your two-step verification is enabling or activated.How to enable two step verification gmail account

After completing two-step Google verification you can see the above image.

Backup number on google account

You can also set a backup number if your primary number is not available or lost and you can also get a backup code if you have to go on some trip or your phone not works correctly. Now that’s all. You can successfully activate two-step verification on your Google account.

How to Enable Two-Step Verifications on WhatsApp Android

Open WhatsApp app > Three vertical dots > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable > Enter a 6-digit passcode > Next > Enter your passcode to confirm > Next > Add email address > Next > Confirm email address > Save > Done

Did you find the above process to enable two-step verification Gmail account useful? Don’t hesitate to let me know, would be a pleasure to help you. Comment below and connect with us for the daily latest updates.

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