How to secure facebook account from hackers

Want to secure facebook account from hackers or spammers? When your facebook account hacked, that person easily changes email & password of your account without your permission. To protect your facebook account from hackers, setup facebook login alerts on computer or android device. After turn on facebook login alerts on PC or phone, you can get notification via email or text message when someone trying to log in your facebook account.

Also check if someone tried to accessing your facebook account from a phone or computer device. You can use various security tips to keep your facebook account safe such as app password, facebook two-factor authentication, Anti-virus software, one-time password, code generator, trusted contacts and more.

Some of the user thinks what to do when Facebook account hacked. But before hacked your facebook account, secure it using this tip. In this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide of how to secure facebook account from hackers on PC or android device or setup facebook login alert on desktop.

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How to secure facebook account from hackers or unknown users

Step 1: Log in your facebook account on PC or laptop

Settings in facebook account

Step 2: Tap “More” from top side & touch “Settings

You can see below screen on your desktop.

Tap security under settings

Step 3: Tap “Security

Tap edit under login alerts in facebook

Step 4: Tap on “Edit” in Login alert

Login alert security settings seen on your android phone or PC device.

How to secure facebook account from hackers on computer

By default facebook login alert set “Don’t get notification”. Here you can set both “facebook notifications alerts” and “facebook email alerts” when someone or hackers logs in your facebook account from pc or phone.

Secure facebook account from hackers

Step 5: Choose facebook login alert via email or text message

Step 6: Tap “Save changes

Add another email address or phone number

Also add another email address or mobile number to secure your account.

Re-eneter password to confirm it

Step 7: Enter your facebook password & click “Submit” button to confirm change facebook security settings

That’s all about how to turn on facebook login alert to secure facebook account from hackers or spammers on your desktop or laptop device. Now you will get facebook notification alert when someone accessing your facebook account without your permission from new device or browser.

Enable two factor authentication facebook:

Log in facebook > More > Settings > Security > Two-factor authentication > Choose security settings from Text message / security keys / code generator / recovery codes

I hope you will enjoy this tips to secure facebook account from hackers or spammers on desktop or mobile device. If you found it helpful, don’t forget to share with others to secure him facebook account. For more technology tips, stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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