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How to Turn Off Vibrate Notifications Android 10, 9 Pie

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Annoying by ring and notifications vibrations in Android Pie 9.0 and latest Android 10? Here’s how to stop vibration on android devices when receiving text messages or social media messages. You can enable or disable vibrate for calls, ring & notification vibration, mute sound & vibration, and more using android Pie touch vibration settings. By default while getting messages, email or other notification, every time your phone vibrates. You can also remove vibration on touch (Haptic feedback) settings in your latest android.

Different android device has slightly different settings to stop vibration. Follow the below-given step by step process to disable vibration Android 9 Pie.

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How to Turn Off Vibration Android 9 Pie

First of all, let see how to turn off ring & notification vibration in the latest android 10 devices.

Turn off Vibrations in Android 10

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and Tap on Accessibility.

Turn off ring & notification vibration in the latest android 10

Step 3: Tap Vibration & haptic strength under interaction controls.

Turn off Vibrations in Android 10

Here you can see Ring vibration, Notification vibration, and touch feedback. By default turned all.

Step 4: Tap on Ring vibration and Choose Off.

Turn Off Vibrate Notifications Android 10

Step 5: Tap on Notification vibration and Choose Off.

Step 6: Tap on touch feedback and Choose Off.

For Android 9 Pie:

Step 1: Swipe down the notification shade and tap the Settings icon.

Step 2: Tap Accessibility.

Vibration settings in android P

Step 3: Tap Vibration under interaction controls.

Touch vibration in android P

Here you can touch vibration and ring & notification vibration in Android Pie 9.0.

Step 4: Tap Ring & notification vibration.

Ring and notification vibration in android P

Step 5: Choose Off.

Now turn off the ring and notification vibration in your android Pie devices. Using the above-given settings you can also turn off touch vibration in android Pie 9.0 devices.

How to Disable Touch Vibration in Android 9 Pie

How to turn off vibration android P 9.0

Settings > Accessibility > Interaction controls > Vibration > Touch vibration > Off

How to disable sounds & vibrations in android Pie 9.0

Step 1: Go to settings in your android Pie.

Step 2: Tap Sound.

Step 3: Scroll down up to sounds & vibrations.

Android P sounds and vibration settings

Here you can disable touch vibration and other android P sound including dial pad tones, screen locking sound, charging sound and touch sound.

How to disable vibrate for calls in android Pie 9.0

Vibrate for calls in android P

Settings > Sound >Turn off “also vibrate for calls

How to mute sound and vibration in Android 9 Pie

Settings > Do not disturb > Check mute sound and vibration

And that’s all. I hope this little tip helpful to turn off vibration Android Pie 9.0. If you have any kind of question, tell us in below comment box.

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