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How to Add WhatsApp Icon to Lock Screen Android

Add WhatsApp icon to lock screen

Here’s how to add WhatsApp icon to lock screen Android phone. You can customize your favorite apps on your device lock screen. By default set lock screen left side as phone app & right side set as camera app in most Android devices. Using lock screen & security settings, you …

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How to Mute Chat Notifications on WhatsApp on Android

Here’s how to mute chat notifications for WhatsApp group on Android. You can easily mute or disable WhatsApp chats notifications of individual person or group chat notifications without blocking them. You can mute group notifications for 8 hours/1 week/1 years. When you mute chat or group notification, you can only …

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How to Change WhatsApp Status Privacy Settings Android Phone

change whatsapp status privacy settings android

WhatsApp introduces a new feature to share your WhatsApp status update with your contacts list or only share with specific contacts from your phone address book. This manage or change WhatsApp status privacy settings Android phone or tablet won’t affect status updates that already sent to contacts. Using WhatsApp privacy …

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How To Activate or Enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp Android

enable two step verification whatsapp android

WhatsApp is adding new features of “WhatsApp two-step verification” that provide extra security to your WhatsApp account. Here’s how to activate or enable two-step verification WhatsApp android phone or tablet device. This WhatsApp 2 step verification requires 6-digit passcode when registering your mobile number with WhatsApp again. You can also …

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How to Disable WhatsApp Group Notification in Android

How to disable WhatsApp group notification in android 8 Oreo

Annoying by constantly gettings group notifications on WhatsApp Android devices? Here’s how to turn on/turn off WhatsApp group notification in Android devices. You can disable notification sound or block notifications on WhatsApp using apps & notification settings. If you don’t want to disable WhatsApp group notification, you can mute group …

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Fix Failed to Download Media Files WhatsApp Android

WhatsApp media files not download

Annoying by media is not downloading in WhatsApp Android? Here’s how to fix WhatsApp media files not downloading on your Android phone. By default set auto-download media files on your WhatsApp Android or iPhone. You can change WhatsApp media settings for automatically download photos, videos, audio, and documents on your …

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