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How to Enable Security Notifications WhatsApp Android

Here’s how to turn on or enable security notifications Whatsapp android phone. In WhatsApp end-to-end encryption which provides the security of chats between people or groups. WhatsApp and third parties can’t read or listen to chat of peoples. I will show you the process to receive notifications when a contact’s …

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How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History on Android

Want to clear all WhatsApp chat from your Android phone or tablet? Here’s how to clear chat history on WhatsApp Android. Using WhatsApp chat settings, you can clear all WhatsApp messages for individual contact and group message in one click. Also, remove individual conversation messages one by one or multiple …

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How to Use Bitmoji On WhatsApp Android Phone

How to add Bitmoji to WhatsApp android phone

Bitmoji is one type of personal Emoji. There are two ways to add Bitmoji to WhatsApp Android phones or tablet devices. You can use Bitmoji on WhatsApp on Android or iPhone devices. After setting up and using Bitmoji on WhatsApp, automatically add the Bitmoji keyboard to your device keyboard settings. …

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How to Delete a WhatsApp Contact From Android

How to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android

When you add new contacts in your phone list, it will automatically show on the WhatsApp contacts list if that phone number registered as WhatsApp number. Want to delete a contact from WhatsApp without them knowing? It’s easy to remove WhatsApp contacts from Android devices using your phone contact list. …

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