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WhatsApp media files not download: How to fix

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WhatsApp is one of the most use social media apps to share photos, videos and more. You can also send voice messages and use WhatsApp latest feature of “video call” to make a video call on your android phone. See errors on WhatsApp media files not download on your android phone screen. Sometimes you can see errors to downloading or sending WhatsApp media files such as videos, photos and voice messages in your device.

There are few problems to not downloading WhatsApp media files. But don’t worry, in this tutorial, i will show you some of the tricks to fix this WhatsApp media files not download error from your android lollipop (android 5.1.1) and marshmallow (android 6.0) device.

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Fix error of WhatsApp media files not download on Android phone

First of all we have to see most common problems that can cause problems to downloading or sending / receiving photos, videos and voice messages.

WhatsApp media files not download

  1. Check your android device date and time are set correctly or not. If date not set correctly, you will not connect your phone to WhatsApp server so not download media files. Just set date and time and check again.
  2. Check your device internet connection is available or not. Also check your phone is full range of particular Wi-Fi and other network because large files take time to download.
  3. Check your device SD card space is not full. You can check this to deleting unnecessary files from your android phone and download WhatsApp media files again.
  • If not problem of space then check SD card is corrupted or not, try this SD card to other phone and check again. If not work, format the SD card but remember once format SD card you will not get back your data. Before format SD card back up your WhatsApp data.
  • After format SD card, restart you android device. No check this WhatsApp media files error solved or not. After above step 3 process, it did not work then you may need to purchase a new MicroSD card for your android phone.

It’s not a big problem to fix error of WhatsApp media files not download on your android and other smartphone. Did you find above guide helpful or not? Let us know on below comment box.

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