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How to fix Galaxy S10 wifi connection issues

Annoying by won’t connect to Wi-Fi issues on galaxy S10 One UI? Here’s how to fix Galaxy S10 wifi connection issues. Users facing different types of S10 Wi-Fi issues such as Wi-Fi connected but not working, Authentication problem, Wi-Fi keeps dropping, IP configuration error, poor network signal and more.

Most of the Smartphone are facing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Poor network signal is the common issue to dropping Wi-Fi connection. You can reset all network settings to fix Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data connection issues on galaxy S10 One UI 1.1. Follow below given step by step process to fix Galaxy S10 wifi connection issues.

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How to fix Galaxy S10 WiFi connection issues

How to fix Galaxy S10 wifi connection issues

You can fix Wi-Fi connected but not working on Samsung galaxy S10 using below given six possible methods. I hope one of the below given method fix S10 Wi-Fi problems.

1st Method: Make sure activated Wi-Fi

Make sure turned on Wi-Fi in your device. Turned off Wi-Fi and after 10 second turned on again and try to connect with your Wi-Fi.

2nd Method: Confirm Wi-Fi password to fix Galaxy S10 WiFi connection issues

Confirm enter Wi-Fi password in your galaxy S10 is same as your Wi-Fi password.

 3rd Method: Turn Airplane mode off and On

If facing poor network connection or no signal bar problem, turn on airplane mode for 10-15 second and turn off it. Now try to connect Samsung S10 with Wi-Fi and check Wi-Fi issue solve.

Swipe down notification panel > Tap Airplane mode

4th Method: Restart the modem & router to fix Galaxy S10 WiFi connection issues

Unplug the router and modem’s power cord from the power outlet. Plug the power cords back in after 15-20 seconds. Wait until lights on modem. Also restart your router if modem method can’t fix problem. Now try to connect Galaxy S10 with Wi-Fi network and check fix Wi-Fi problem.

5th Method: Remove Wi-Fi password & add again to fix Galaxy S10 WiFi connection issues

Delete Wi-Fi password connected from your Samsung galaxy S10. Now reboot your device and add the Wi-Fi password again in your galaxy S10 One UI.

Remove Wi-Fi password in Galaxy S10

Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Activate Wi-Fi, if needed > Tap & hold Wi-Fi network name > Forget network

Add Wi-Fi network in Galaxy S10

Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Add network > Enter SSID (Network name) & other information > Save

If none of the above given method fix Wi-Fi not working issue on galaxy S10, reset network settings using below given method.

6th Method: Reset network settings Galaxy S10

It’ll reset all network settings in galaxy S10 including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data connections.

Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings > Reset settings

End the list of possible methods to fix Galaxy S10 WiFi connection issues. Is there another handy method you want us to explain? Let us know in the comments below! Stay and connect with us for latest S10 tips.

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