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How to enable or disable USB Port windows 7 / 8

Enable / disable USB port Windows 7 / 8 PC. In college, school and office we cannot access any USB mass storage device in windows device because of the administrator or admin disable USB devices or drivers from computer. So nobody can use pendrive or any other USB devices. There are various reasons to disable USB ports in laptop or computer such as stolen important data or document, move data somewhere quietly etc.

You can disable or enable USB port in window 7 using this registry, software, device manager and installing new USB driver on your Windows PC. Follow below given four methods to enable or disable USB Port windows 7 PC.

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How to enable or disable USB port windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Check out below given four different methods to access USB port in Windows 7 PC or Laptop.

Enable/disable USB Ports Using Registry

Step 1: Tap on “Windows Start Menu” button

Step 2: In search box type ‘Run’ and press enter

enter regedit in windows run

Step 3: Type ‘regedit’ and press enter

Step 4: In registry editor navigate to the following key

enable or disable USB Ports in windows 7


How to enable or disable USB Port windows 7


Step 5: In the right pane of your USBSTOR, select start and change the value 4 instead of 3.

Step 6: Click “OK”

After completing step 6 it will disable USB port windows 7 PC or laptop and not access pendrive or other USB devices. If you want to enable USB Port in windows 7 then change the value 3 instead of 4.

Enable/disable USB Ports Using Software

You can download or buy best software tool to protect your PC against the data loss or data theft through portable device which allows enabling / disabling USB mass storage in your windows 7 desktop. You can also download USB Drive Disable Pro to disable or enable USB Port on windows 7 PC / laptop.

Disable USB Ports using Device Manager

This is the simple method to disable USB port windows 7 / 8 laptop using your windows PC’s device manager. You cannot lose your important document or data if some mistake. Follow the below step for Disable USB ports using Device Manager.

Step 1: Tap on “Windows start Menu”

Step 2: In search box, type “device manager” then click enter

Tap on universal bus controller under device manager

Step 3: In dialog box, Tap on “Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB)”

Step 4: Double Click on the particular USB Port

Disable USB Ports in windows 7 using Device Manager

Step 5: In USB Root dialog click on the “Driver tab”

Step 6: Click on Disable

Disable USB Port Windows 7 using USB Mass Storage

When you plug in your USB drive in your windows computer, windows will check for driver install or not, if windows will not found USB driver then you must install the USB driver. After installing USB driver you can access pendrive or any USB devices in your windows computer.

Above you can see the steps to enable / disable USB port Windows 7 / 8 devices. If you’re having problems implementing this, don’t hesitate to let me know on below comment box, would be a pleasure to help you. Connect with us for daily latest Windows updates!

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