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How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Any App on Android

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Bestusefultips

Do you want to find and save WhatsApp status videos and photos on your Android phones and tablets? Here’s how to download WhatsApp status without any app on Android stock OS. You can only find your view WhatsApp statuses, pictures, videos, animated files, and all other WhatsApp data on your file manager. Quickly move WhatsApp status and videos to your phone gallery. Also, directly share WhatsApp status or use it as a WhatsApp profile picture.

Note: All steps mentioned using a Google Pixel 4a running Android 12. Different Android devices or versions have slightly different settings depending on your Smartphone.

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How Can I Download WhatsApp Status on Android? 

Step 1: Open the App Drawer on your device. 

Open file manager app on your Android phone

Step 2: Tap on Files (Pixels) or the File Manager app on your Android & Samsung Galaxy devices.

Go to Internal storage on your Android to view WhatsApp download status

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Internal Storage.

Open Android folder to find WhatsApp download folder Android

Step 4: Tap on Android.

Media folder on your Internal Storage Android

Step 5: Tap on Media.

Save WhatsApp status videos and photos on your Android phones

Step 6: Tap on com.WhatsApp (Find this folder on your Android device’s internal storage to view all WhatsApp data).

Open WhatsApp Status video on your Android

Step 7: Tap on WhatsApp.

Find WhatsApp media file on Android device

Step 8: Tap on Media.

You can see all downloaded WhatsApp status videos, audio, profile photos, and more.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Any App on Android

Step 9: Tap on Statuses.

Now, all downloaded WhatsApp statuses (Photos & Videos) view here. You can directly share WhatsApp status photos or videos to your story also.

How Can I Download Other WhatsApp Status on Android

Step 10: Tap on Three vertical dots of WhatsApp status.

Move WhatsApp Status Video to Gallery on Android

Step 11: Tap on Move to.

Download WhatsApp Status Video without any app on Android Phone

Step 12: Tap on Internal storage.

You can add a new folder or move it to another folder, like download, pictures, etc.

Save WhatsApp videos in my Gallery Android

Step 13: Tap on Move here.

Now, you can see saved WhatsApp videos in the gallery on your Android or Samsung One UI devices.

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How Can I Save WhatsApp Videos in My Gallery Without Any App on Android or Samsung Galaxy?

Make sure to enable auto-download videos on your WhatsApp app.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2: Tap three vertical dots (More) at the top right corner.

Step 3: Tap on Settings.

WhatsApp storage and data settings to auto download videos in gallery Android

Step 4: Tap on Storage and Data.

Here are three options for WhatsApp media auto-download using Wi-Fi, roaming, or mobile data.

Why are my WhatsApp Videos not saving in gallery

Step 5: Choose when using mobile data, When connected to Wi-Fi, or When roaming.

You must select Videos & other WhatsApp data (Photos, Audio, and Documents) you want to download from your phone gallery.

How Can I Save WhatsApp Videos in My Gallery

Step 6: Tick marks the box you want to download in the gallery and tap on OK.



Why are my WhatsApp Videos Not Saving in the Gallery?

Turn on auto-download media (Photos, Videos, Audio, Documents) files on your Android or iPhone devices.

WhatsApp > More > Settings > Storage and data > Media auto-download > Make sure videos are selected 

Where is WhatsApp Video Status Stored?

Your WhatsApp video status is in the file manager app > Interna storage > Find WhatsApp folder > Media > Statuses.

And that’s all. Do you know another alternative to download WhatsApp status without any app on Android? Please, share it with us in below comment box.

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